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Year 8 Day 53 16:38
I am trying to purchase a few new NPC for myself and i have some questions.
1) Is it no longer possible to change the name of a npc? i have done it in the past (for RP purposes, but still)
2) where do u purchase custom npcs?
thank you in advance



Year 8 Day 53 18:54
Coleman Rendar

i just got a custom NPC and the name cant be changed

also custom NPCs can be hired at PRs


Year 8 Day 53 20:44
we cant even change the name of a custom npc? that is strange. does anyone know when the ability to change NPC names will be re-implemented.. I assume it is because of the NPC updates that are being worked out, but still. so let me get this straight.. i can buy a custom npc at a pr, and, hopefully, sometime in the future, rename them.. hopefully :). oh well. thank you.



Year 8 Day 53 22:03
More likely at some point in the future you will be able to choose the name of a custom NPC you buy at a PR.

I don't think the ability to name a NPC once purchased will ever be implemented.


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Year 8 Day 54 8:28
Sylis Farani

If I'm not mistaken that's how it was before, if you purchased the Custom yourself you were able to name it, but you wouldn't be able to change it after that. Makes sense. Can't go renaming things everytime it strikes your fancy.

Year 8 Day 54 9:03
no.. i purchased a builder npc and named him, but i was never given that option for the merchant i bought.



Year 8 Day 54 10:18
Xavze Zavan

You were able to name your NPCs at time of purchase.You also were able to select the race of NPC you wanted.

This has been changed for the time and you get no such options


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