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Archives » abandoned mines, active mines
Year 8 Day 58 14:08
I'm about to buy a city on the NPC market that is 17% full with once occupant. Now, there are a lot like that there and so I am guessing that is a mine. My question starts with that assuption. I will of course check it out in person prior to purchase. With a mine, it is both good for the crime and morale of the city,so that is a plus. It has 15 jobs, .... let's think about that. does it have 15 jobs still in the equation when it no longer is active? I'd like to keep as close to the 1.5 ratio as possible, so 15 jobs is a big deal for me.



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Year 8 Day 58 16:15
The jobs/flats a facility provide always affect the planet stats. They do not change if it is unpowered, unassigned, inactive, or anything else.


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Year 8 Day 59 7:26
thank you very much. A good to the point answer from the man who knows. This game rocks.



Fights like Hurricane, Killing, Ecstasy, Insane.
Year 8 Day 59 10:53

Unpowered flats don't give control when they complete construction, at least they don't give initial control. I'm not sure if becoming unpowered results in loss of control however, it should.