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Sylis Farani

Not sure if there is a better spot for this but I was wondering if there is anyway for me to check when Sylis was created. On the account settings page it just shows my overall join date. I would think there would be some sort of event listing or something?

If you can view your faction's member list you might be able to check it. I knwo some members' join dates are listed on it, but I think its only for 'new' members. The last year or so maybe.


Faction memberlist only shows SWC join date and Faction join date, not character creation date, unless there's a mislabeled column in there. I don't know of anyplace your character creation date is listed, no.



Syn, what is the difference between "SWC join date" and "Character creation date" ?
Isn't that the same thing? (In my case it is the same.)

Nonetheless... the "SWC join date" can be seen at :


Sylis Farani

SWC Join date and character creation date would be the same only if you have only played one character. I've recreated a few times already. Looks like I'm out of luck, I imagine the only thing I can do is check a particular thread where I know I posted shortly after creation and use that as a 'best guess'. Thanks though.

Maybe you still have the e-mail with your join-password?


Sylis Farani

This works well enough.

Ahh my webs of confusion.