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Year 8 Day 62 3:47
Jareel Skaj

I tried to hire any of Special NPCs, yet I found it impossible, only advice I get was to find a place where it would be possible, I guess that there is no such place, but:
Is it possible to hire eg. Brawler NPC, or Shuttle NPC, or Pickpocket NPC?
Or any Custom NPC???
I hope that at least one answer will be "yes"...

Year 8 Day 62 4:06
Yes. See the NPC rules for more details.



Year 8 Day 62 4:28
Jareel Skaj

I hope that at least one answer will be "yes"...

- Jareel Skaj

Yes. See the NPC rules for more details.

- Syn

hahaha, that was very funny...

Yes... what? Yes it is possible to hire Special NPCs?
If so, then where, cause I don't see such note in NPC rules. And if that is because of fact that NPCs rules are under construction - then can you tell me it before it will be finish (cause noone knows when it will be)?

And - yes it is possible to hire costum NPCs (those with costum scripts)?
Again: where?

Year 8 Day 62 4:58
Sylis Farani

Actually to be fair, many of the ones he asks about are not listed. I am 99% certain custom NPCs can be purchased from personal residences. (Not listed, but given random NPC rules, quite pointless at the moment.) I don't think you can purchase shuttle NPCs as they are attatched to the vehicle rental service. Pickpockets are not listed, unless they are considered the same as criminal NPCs.

Brawlers on the other hand are listed plain as day. :P

Year 8 Day 62 5:02
Jareel Skaj

oh, so they are now called Unarmed Brawlers...
THX Sylis :)

Another stupid question: On what it depends what race will be NPC?
I had Verpine NPC on verpine homeword, but Chewin NPC on other world, so on not-homerowld planets they are random picked, right?

Edited By: Jareel Skaj on Year 8 Day 62 5:07
Year 8 Day 62 5:17
Kirit Hin`Kirl

Yes, Sylis, they are criminals.

It's always random, but homeworlds have a high probability to get the resident race. (somewhere in the ninety percent)

Year 8 Day 62 5:18
Sylis Farani

As I understand its all random. Even on the homeworlds there is a chance you will get a different species. I had to buy 4 or 5 NPCs from Falleen before I got an actual Falleen. I'm not sure what determines the percentages etc though.

Year 8 Day 62 13:45
Kuro Neko

I hired two NPC on Falleen and both were Falleen. It's a small sample, but an interesting result. I am also of the same species.


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Year 8 Day 63 4:22
Jareel Skaj

it might be because of the fact that you and NPC are of the same species - I am also Verpine and on Verpine homeworld I hired Verpine NPCs, no I guess that all you need to hire an NPC of race you wish is to find PC with that race and pay him to hire you an NPC of his race.

Year 8 Day 63 4:53

That has nothing to do with it, it's purely random unless the planets a homeworld in which case theres a 90% chance it will be the race of that homeworld. If theres two races theres a 45% chance of one, 45% chance of the other. There's still a 10% chance on a homeworld of it being any other race however.