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Year 6 Day 176 8:30
A few questions about facility income:

What day of the month is it calculated/sent?

Who does it go to, the Owner or Manager? (I can't tell because I'm both for all my facils)

If I purchase a facil that has not been opened to All and I open it, is the income recalculated for the current month?

Thanks again for all the help!
P.S. I post my questions here because it creates a nice reference of somewhat FAQ for others to browse.

Year 6 Day 176 12:59
The date has been... variable. Mostly due to the downtime. Maybe somebody more involved than I has an actual date...

It goes to the Manager.

It matters if it's open when the income is calculated.


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Year 6 Day 176 18:31
Not sure of the exact date, but it's toward the very end of each month (in the last few days).



Year 6 Day 177 3:07
as soon as the server ticks over to the next month.


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Year 6 Day 177 3:43
Okay - thanks for the replies.

One odd thing occured for me last month though. I had facil income come in on 2 separate occations. Always different facils, but 2 or 3 facils I purchased after the others had paid me off sent me income after I bought them. I believe at least 1 had to be opened to the public.

Year 6 Day 177 3:53
It was probably because facility income was run late due to the downtime. It was like a week before the income for June was due or some such.


Kids these days!
Year 6 Day 177 8:35
Ah - thanks again Khan, for clearing things up.