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Year 8 Day 79 9:39
i'm on tatooine in mos espa, I rented a speeder then went to the shop and bought a few things I went back outside then i tried to get on my speeder but it wasn't there, can someone help.


~Corban at your service
Year 8 Day 79 11:11
You might want to contact the person who rented you the speeder.
And you might also want to make sure you picked up the items that you bought from the shop.


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Year 8 Day 79 11:59
Tek, I'm sure he rented it from an NPC, so he can't really ask them "dude, where's my speeder?"

Corban, if you look in your Inventory, under vehicles/piloted vehicles, it should show you the exact position of the speeder. Check that position matches your current location. If it doesn't, walk to the speeder. If the speeder is parked OVER the building, you should be able to go back inside, and then instead of using the "Exit" option, you can use "Enter" (from inside the building) and should be able to select the speeder.


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Year 8 Day 80 7:18
Thank you i found it about 1 square away, a few minutes later, but thanks for the help


~Corban at your service