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Year 8 Day 80 5:27
Does stealth work in a room the same way it works in a City. If there is a player or NPC with level 5 stealth in the room, will I be able to see him in the list of names at the bottom? Or in the Scann window?


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Year 8 Day 80 14:18
I believe stealth is only implemented outside of entities. It does not work in ships, vehicles, or facilities at the moment.

I recall that was an important factor in the arrest of Thraken Solo - he thought his Stealth would protect him, but it did not come into play in the ship he was on.


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Year 8 Day 80 14:47
Kirit Hin`Kirl
Kirit Hin`Kirl
Apparently stealth works in rooms, for a limited amount of time. (haven't checked this myself)

Year 8 Day 80 15:51
hmmmmm.... I like this. I'll have to try this out and I'll get back to this thread and tell 'ya if a high stealth is seen in a room, and/or about the timing.



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Year 8 Day 80 16:59
Riax Tardes
Riax Tardes
Apparently stealth works in rooms, for a limited amount of time. (haven't checked this myself) 

This would make sense only if you have a hide /unhide button.

Year 8 Day 80 17:51
Stealth only works in a passive sense when not in rooms (ie: stealth v perception check). When you're in a room it still does the passive stealth check but there's also a visibility check there that overrides it and has something to do with hiding and/or travel (if memory serves)


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