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Archives » I can't join the game because it says my email address is wrong... But it's not... My email address is really mississippi745@yahoo.com... Why is that invalid?


You cannot use a free email to join, as it clearly says in the rules.


I dare you to make less sense.

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Trent Hackworth
Trent Hackworth
And please use the Body to type your question instead of the topic...

According to your IP address your internet provider is ayrix.net, you should have an email address from them.



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Does anyone have an email address i can use plz then tell me my password plz. And just for the record, that rule is a little stupid... All your doing is getting those nonfree email companies money... But anyways if anyone has an email I can use plz tell me.

Ranma just told you your ISP would be valid, so you have one you could use, without relying on anyone else. Also, the "free email being stupid" argument is brought up by a lot of people who try and sign up with free email accounts. It's worked for a long time, we have just under 3000 members and few to no multies. I don't see it being changed in the near future


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I don't know what you're talking about! My internet provider is telepak not ayrak or whatever that girl said! i just want to play the game... But you people are so difficult... i don't mean to be rude but this is throughly frustrating!...

Trent Hackworth
Trent Hackworth
Firstly that "Girl" Ranma is going out of her way to help you. Now i would advise you call up Whoever your internet provider is and ask them what your E-mail is and if you don't have one to have one set up. Or another option if they don't provide E-mails is to spend 3 bucks and buy an E-mail address.

On another note your Provider Owns ayrix.net which a quick Google revealed. And it also appears that they Do provide Paid E-mails.

You just need a valid e-mail address to sign up, and your internet provider should give you access to one. If you can't get access to one from your internet provider, we also accept work, school, and personal domain (webmaster@ or admin@) e-mail addresses. If you have none of those, it is also an option to have a friend who does not have an account here let you use their e-mail address and forward you the password. But you will not be able to register with a free e-mail address.