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Archives » "Hey, Eidola is so damn good, they *must* be cheating, ban them!"
Ban and clarification about spying rules (Posted by Jennifer Dreighton on Year 8 Day 85)
Rav Isaar has been banned for breaking the spying rules...no information was passed to her from Rav while he was a member of Raptor Pirates.

So there was a plan to have Rav join the Raptor Pirates with a harmful intention and this clearly is infiltration, no matter if any information was passed to anyone

Yet I checked beforehand with the Help Team, and was told nothing illegal would be happening, and let's take a look at the rules page...


You may not...Infiltrate another group and then report or sell the information you gather about it to another group.


Face it, we're *that* good - no rules were broken, everything was 110% OOC legal. Unban Rav, I don't care if Dreighton and PDJ are "Best DragonCon Buddies" and he's been begging her for a pound of flesh, tell her that this game still operates by its rules.


You know what this is?

This is an example of Dreighton letting her personal feelings get in the way of her good judgement.

I move that She be removed as an admin. She is obviously incompetent.



And From A Darkness I Descend
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Arcco Mecor

I whole heartedly agree Keir. I second this motion!

Xanathar Branwen

have to agree... which is rather unfortunately.

The rules (as stupid as they are) were not 'actually' broken. Does there need to be anymore said?


Kalya Thorne

Not to jump on the bandwagon, but they played this according to the rules and I really don't think a thing should have been done as punishment. Yes, it's messed up that they keep attacking such a helplessly incompetent faction, but you can't be banned for being immoral ;)

Trent Hackworth

The rules were not broken. OOCly there shouldn't have been a ban. And the fact that Teniel checked with the help team further shows that SWC needs another overhaul...

And as for a move for Dreighton being removed as Admin Honestly i cant care who's admin as long as this crap stops.

Isn't the first time someone was banned and the spying rules changed for it to be justified.


Patriarch of House Ismay
Xodus Pingvellir

I vote in favor of Rav, and say he broke no rules, and should be unbanned. I also think Dreighton should do the right thing and step down as an Admin, as she seems to have her eyes are fogged from what is really happening, and what really should be done.

Edited By: Xodus Pingvellir on Year 8 Day 86 21:54
ok then why is there a mention in the sim news of your statement to dreighton :
" I got a statement from Teniel Djo where she explains that in her opinion the spying rules were not broken, because no information was passed to her from Rav while he was a member of Raptor Pirates. She and Rav agreed on a meeting point before Rav even created his new character that was to join the Raptor Pirates."

i hate to go against the "band wagon" but i'd say that is considered breaking the rules.. conspiring with somone whilst creating a character in order to eliminate other characters should be considered a breach of the rules.


Trent Hackworth

And yet last time i checked It wasn't.

Joining a group specifically to capture/kill members WAS illegal. Years ago. That clause in the rules was conveniently removed when the Empire started sending out Sith to do just that. Yes, it was brought up that it was removed in the past as well and nothing was done about it

Now, it seems, when Dreighton's buddy whines enough, the rules get reinterpreted. Big shocker.


Patriarch of House Ismay
Xanathar Branwen

technically it's not.

Keir may be a no good scuzbag pirate murdering s.o.b but unfortunately he is also law abiding. Simply because he found a back door and legally performed this action doesn't mean anyone should be banned.

Change the rules first, then we can ban people for it.

If any rule was broken it was "The Golden Rule" which is a load of rubbish and open to interpertation anyway.


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Ambel Den

Its cheating.. Find all of the loopholes you can, it is still violating the golden rule.. You dont go near the line of spying and you will be fine. (This was just as bad as exposing a flaw in programing and generating creds from it). That was spying and dont care how many times it has happened before and went unpunished. Admin cant write 12 pages about spying and what is classified as spying.. Common sense people. You know what the damn rules state and what they are there for. I, for one, have been there with Teniel plotting against my own faction. I gave her classified information and access to capture my faction leader so that i would become the faction leader. And she did. I was convinced it was a mutiny of sorts and not spying. Later realizing i was fooling myself, i confessed to my crime against the rules of the game. i was banned from the combine.. i wanted to set things right, and i did.. You dont think Rav and teniel didnt talk during that time? please, you are fooling yourself.

We all get caught up in this game... greed and power our motivation..
But lets not ruin it for others that play by the rules.