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Archives » Not sure why I was declined...could I get some help?

I have read the sticky threads and based on the fact that when I put in my email into the "lost password" screen it says "invalid email," it seems that I have been rejected, though I haven't gotten an email saying so.

My handle I attempted to register with was Mik`tak Keerin, my email is austinkrohn@csufresno.edu.

Could I possibly get some help as to why I was rejected?

If you didn't receive an email, it's most likely that your (or your university's) spam filter filtered the email. Please make sure that emails from @swcombine.com are not blocked and sign up again.



I checked and that's not the case...I'm wondering if it's because the email account is a bit old...if I try a different email, will it reject me for suspicion?

Age of the account should only be affecting it if old accounts are deactivated there after a while.
You can use a different address as long as it's not a free one. Declined accounts don't stay on record.


Year 8 Day 90 17:58

I tried with a new email and I just received an email that my account has been declined for suspicion. Could an admin possibly look into this please? Again, my handle was Mik`tak Keerin.

Did you previously register as Bennet Vite or Carta Moore? These accounts share your IP address, and that is the most likely reason you were declined. If one of those is indeed your account you will need to confirm the e-mail address so that we can change it to your new one to allow you to access it again.

If they are not your accounts, since it sounds like you are connecting via a larger network, someone else may have an account from your connection as well. If you know who that is, you may need to register as multis with them. In any case, if neither of the aforementioned accounts are yours, please register again and I will try to keep an eye out for your account.. it may help to add a note in the Multi field of the join form to remind whoever handles your join request that you are connecting via a larger network, resulting in a shared IP.




No, neither of those are my account. This is the first time I've even heard of this game....so I'm assuming it must be the network I am on. I will re-register, same handle, same email, and add a note that someone unknown shares my IP...I honestly have no idea who.


All right...I sent a new request in, and added a note in the multi field. Thank you for being so patient and helping me out.

All right; I've approved your account so you should be all set.



Thank you very much...I really appreciate it. :)


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