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I have been a member now for about 2-3 weeks. I currently have a freelance pilot job . I understand how to survive and the basics, but there is still alot of unanswered questions. First, how does RP work? I have played only one other RPG before, but that was a totally different type of game. I read posts in the "Meeting Hall", like the article about Jedi Master Rostar or something. Is there really a Jedi Master Rostar playing in some faction, or did the person who post that completley make up the story. What I am getting at is that I don't know how to RP.

Also, I was wondering how the Force works. I know it takes a while before being eligible, but how often does someone become a Jedi? Everyone tells me I have to meet some ancient Jedi Master in my travels. Is this Jedi a real player or NPC??

Please help me, i thank you for your time.....

Jasol Zanan



Actually there is training for role-playing over on the White Scenarios board, you want to try that.

And the Master Jedi do exist, most will not test you for fear of getting arrested/executed. And there is a chance to receive force at levels 1,6,11,16,..etc but the power of the force goes down each time. It is best to play your character without thinking about the force at all.



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The newspaper style articles on the Meeting Hall are being used as an alternative to the GNS - people are reporting events from their point of view. In most of them, there is a little truth about actual database events, covered up with a lot of flowery writing. So yes, Rostar exists, as do most of the other characters mentioned (the major ones, especially).

Generally, RPing in the Meeting Hall consists of simply taking your character, putting them in a situation, and doing what they will do. Generally, other people join in and you get to interact and play off of one another. It's a way to get to know some people and to flesh out your character and have some fun getting into character. In my opinion, the worst thing you can do in the Meeting Hall is not play as your Combine character. It may not have database effects, but you should think of the RPs you do in the Meeting Hall as "real" for your character. If someone tried to kill me in a Meeting Hall RP, I'd certainly take the chance to kill them for real (using the Arrest/Execute feature, for example).

Hopefully that will clear a few things up for you.


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