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Year 6 Day 181 2:20

I was rejected from joining because they thought I was suspicious. I did everything correctly. My name was Sly Koon which didn't violate the rules because I only copied Plo Koon's second name which was allowed. The admins can even check my ip adress and they'll realize that this is my first and only account. This is the e-mail I recieved:

Dear Sly Koon,

The SW Combine Administration has declined your membership application providing the following reason :

Your joining application was rejected due to a number of factors making your application suspicious. Various elements pointed towards this account being wittingly or unwittingly used to violate our muti-account rules. Please contact us for further information regarding the rejection of your application or refer to the Character Creation rules page located at for more information.

Please make the necessary changes and try again.

What do I do?

Year 6 Day 181 4:09
are you sharing internet connection with someone else? or using the same network as others?


Year 6 Day 181 8:27

nope. I'm using my own home PC and broadband connection. No one in my house uses the internet apart from e-mail.

Year 6 Day 181 12:49
Any chance you had an old character once, or perhaps a previous join request that you never got an e-mail back for that may have been approved?



Year 6 Day 181 13:05

nope. I did by mistake the first time I applied, used a hotmail account but it warned me and I went back and changed it to my school adress.

Year 6 Day 181 14:37
This should be worked out now.



Year 6 Day 181 15:22

Should I change my name or should I keep it the same? Should I do any adjusutments or changes?

Year 6 Day 181 15:24

I put in my domain and it said doesn't meet standards.

Year 6 Day 181 18:03
The account Sly Koon was already approved. You should have gotten the password in your e-mail when I made my last post.

If you still have not, use the Lost Password feature.

If you're a different person altogether, please post in your own thread rather than posting in someone else's.