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Year 8 Day 117 14:58
...does it say you cannot change the name of your ship and hail with it?

Xior Sorath, the assassin of Grand Moff Droma as Jacen Boshuu, has been banned from the Combine by Dreighton for three weeks. Why? For changing the name of a NAO TIE to that of one of those flying around Anzat and saying he was going to defect and that others were planning the same.

At NO TIME did he EVER claim to be any member of the Imperial task force. He changed the name of the ship and NEVER claimed to be another character. Actually, our TIE is still carrying the same name. I think we'll keep it that way for now.

He sent the hail and, I quote: "Please inform Admiral Slicer of my intention to defect. He is an incompetent leader and so is the Emperor. He may also be interested to know that there is another potential defector amongst the navys ranks but I don’t think he’ll find that person in time."

While it may be misleading, he never said who he was defecting from, who he was defecting to, etc. As far as I know, he WAS planning on defecting. Just not to the Empire as he makes his opinion known. He doesn't even specify the Imperial Navy.

What if the Order and the GE both had a Carrack named the Retribution? Would the pilots of either ship be banned for breaking this non-existant spying rule for ordering the opposing side to stand down or be destroyed? Somehow, I think only the NAO member would.

She claims she discussed this with Veynom prior to banning. Yet I fail to see a Sim News post. I only see Dreighton doing the GE's internal security duties for them.

Unban Xior Sorath. He followed to ALLOWABLE areas of the rules:
• Spread false information about yourself or another group/person for any reasons.
• Perform Propaganda.


Patriarch of House Ismay
Year 8 Day 117 15:04
Sounds like a bunch of bull to me. I'm guessing the story Veynom heard perhaps didn't include "all sides", because this really doesn't sound like his type of decision...it definitely smells of Dreighton.

I frequently change the name of my ship, a YV-666 named "Grainne ni Mhaille" sitting above Coruscant is going to arouse a lot more attention than one named "For Sale" or "Starlight".


Year 8 Day 117 15:04
Auron Tamerin

it would be interesting to know why there was no Sim News on it, or if there was a link to it.

Year 8 Day 117 15:10
Xodus Pingvellir

Dreighton + Spying Rules = 100% Fairness.

That's off. Waaaayy off.

Year 8 Day 117 15:10
Adam Zad

Wilhelm, this is about par for the course, and you should have realized that by now. Just lie back and think of England.


Year 8 Day 117 15:12
Xodus Pingvellir

I want my money back!

Year 8 Day 117 15:17
well, the only true offense here is (once again) using a feature the way it was designed to be used... based on what is presented here, no spying rules were violated and since we have no post on why there was this ban, we have nothing else to go on.

So, back to that only true offense... and if it is truely an offense, everyone who has ever renamed a ship needs banned... of course, that would pretty much shut down the Combine, as even Veynom has renamed a ship...

Year 8 Day 117 15:18
Jessica Hyde

I'm in complete agreement with Wilhelm.

Maybe I'm confused, but isn't there an intention to give us the ability to spoof both character IDs, and ship IDs?

This seems to be what was done, it was just using the game mechanics that we have now. I change the name of my ship almost as often as I change my avatar. Both because I am indecisive and because if someone happens to see my ship, they might skip over it if it isn't anything suspicious.

If Dreighton thinks that changing the name of a ship is an abuse, she needs to first of all, read the rules or change the rules, and disallow any ship name changes at all (no, this is not a serious suggestion).

Year 8 Day 117 15:22
Another ban for rules that don't exist by Dreighton...and this time not even a sim news with an explanation

Year 8 Day 117 15:26
Dreighton makes it hard to not say inflamatory things about the admin.

Once again, I call for her removal.



And From A Darkness I Descend
Clenching A Torch Of Sweet Revenge

Year 8 Day 117 15:31
Odd how any admin action that most people disagree with was undertaken by Dreighton. Did I say odd? Gee golly willikers, Batman, not odd at all.

Agree with Wilhelm, DruG, and Squall.

Year 8 Day 117 15:48
Tnsumi K Shine

I've been around long enough now to see this constant type of bullshit occurring, and it saddens me to say this isn't an isolated incident.

You'd think that we'd have caught on to this and fixed the problem at the source years ago. Unfortunately, as we see, Dreighton and all her profound neutrality are still here, not only making unanimous decisions based on nothing but bias, but still coding as well...

Would it really be that surprising if we suddenly found me banned for harboring malicious thoughts towards our SWC God(s)?

*shakes his head sadly*

Year 8 Day 117 15:52
Is it maybe supposed to fall under this new rule that I've never seen before checking the page just now?

Fake any game behaviour in order to hide or change your current in-game status. For example, you may not use a Star Destroyer custom picture for your Ugly or unarmed freighter. Similarly, you may not use an avatar picture showing you are under arrest if you are not. 

Of course, using the same ship name as someone else isn't faking any game behaviour, but it's the only thing I can see.


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.
Year 8 Day 117 16:06
Tnsumi K Shine

Someone has a nasty habit of making up rules after passing judgment...

Now, if this were something like a dictatorship that wants someone dead just making something up out of thin air to make them guilty, I can see that. It's what [malevolent] dictatorships do.

But this is the Administration. They are supposed to be the gods among men when it comes to impartial basis for thought and decision. This also happens to be why Admins don't have characters.

... or at least, why Admins aren't supposed to have characters...

Guess which Admin happens to have one, that also just happens to belong to the Galactic Empire faction...

Year 8 Day 117 16:14
And even that isn't exactly solid. I've seen ALOT of people changing ship names while scanning. NMI's security chief tried doing it to me lately, but I called him on it. The NR's faked names to make their movements less noticeable during their operations. I know II has done the same for YEARS.

Yet suddenly, the GE arrests one of their own members due to propaganda/false information (which IS allowable) spread by Xior and then runs to Dreighton to check out his story.

Now where is the investigation in THAT? How many internal security branches run to the Administration every time they want to check something?

I'm sorry, but this is WAR. You wanted a game set up in this time period. Vodo sends people into factions to arrest their members, to gather intel, etc and ADMIT TO IT. They go unpunished when others who do the same are banned.

Are all NIOers going to be banned for having an Imperial seal in their avatars? Or are all members who use pictures of IRGs, Stormtroopers, TIE Pilots, etc going to be banned for "impersonating a member of the Empire!"?

This is war. When you have the means to spread doubt and mistrust within the forces of the enemy, you take it. The spying rules are there to protect from things you can't stop, like illegal intel gathering. It's not there to pamper you because you believe everything you see.


Patriarch of House Ismay
Year 8 Day 117 16:19
All Admin have characters, primarily for testing purposes. And so they can send DMs and stuff, which was used for reports/updates at times, etc. They're just not supposed to play those characters.

It has also been stated in the past that Dreighton's membership in the GE is for testing things that can only be done in a faction the size of the GE. Of course, that was only stated the last time it was pointed out that she was a member of the GE.


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.
Year 8 Day 117 16:23
Tnsumi K Shine

Just as a point about Wil's post, Here's something of interest from the spying rules:

You may not: Sell, trade or give away classified information about your own group to person(s) that are not members of your or known allied groups. 

I'm sorry, but why hasn't the entirety of the Directorate of Imperial Intelligence (DII) been banned, because this is their primary means of gathering information, by making others sell out to them for cash. I know firsthand that this happens, and happens regularly. They even have a budget specifically for the use of bribes.

Try telling me that isn't against the rules, or at the very least, the Golden Rule.

Year 8 Day 117 16:30
Tnsumi, read that rule VERY carefully. It is illegal to sell/trade/give the information. It is NOT illegal to buy/trade for/receive the information!!

Bribing someone to give you information is perfectly legal. Hell, I could bribe you to give me information about the NAO. And then as soon as you did, I could turn around and inform the Admins about you, and get YOU banned.

I can see it was intended to punish those who intend to go out of their way to sell out their faction. But it leaves a MASSIVE loophole for those who have the intent to trick someone into selling out their faction - either by making them talk more than they should, or by catching out someone who doesn't understand the rules. A loophole big enough to fly a star destroyer through.


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.
Year 8 Day 117 19:31
Trent Hackworth

I find it strange that if someone was banned for breaking a rule that there wasn't a Sim News.... And for once I agree with WvI. And Hal That is a really bad loophole but if someone was caught doing it wouldn't that be a breach of the golden rule and result in the fool tricking whoever to be banned also? (Or at least I hope...)

Year 8 Day 117 19:48
But it is legal to: Sell information about a third party to another party i.e. A third group sells info to the rebels about the empire.

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