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Year 8 Day 135 10:39
Elubei Mont`arne

I've noticed a ton of slowdown in the past two days, almost to the point where I can't do anything. I loaded a 10-minute video on YouTube before the cockpit page loaded, which I had clicked on two minutes before I started loading the vid >.>

I'm using FF, updated to whatever the last update for version 2 was. I'm on a 3 mb connection, and after I hit the 'ol "reply button" it took 37 seconds for the page on which I actually write my post to come up.

*I'll try turning off Javascript like Kahn mentioned, and was said in the quote earlier on.

EDIT: I turned it off, and it sped up greatly, but it's still slower than it used to be. It still took me 9 seconds to load up the edit page.

Edited By: Elubei Mont`arne on Year 8 Day 135 10:54
Year 8 Day 135 20:37
Aye, it's a hell of a lot slower the past couple of days. I get occasional burst of speed but most of the time it's taking ages until it starts loading page content.


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Year 8 Day 136 0:45

I know this site is php/mysql, have you considerd a better php caching program, maybe upgrading php/mysql or even ditching apache and testing the site on lighttpd?

Year 8 Day 136 12:32
Vong Gin`aal

It doesn't make a big difference whether this is turned off or on for me.
For some time, I have been using this new JavaScript loading option and SWC was working really much faster on FF but last week it is slow as hell and discourages from playing since every page load takes ages :/.


Year 8 Day 137 15:44

seems fine today. Yesterday it was taking around 8-12 seconds to load pages.

Year 8 Day 137 20:15
Aye, seems better today than the past few. We're already at PHP and mySQL 5 and looking at a few optimisations we can make, especially in the DB area. The theory at the moment is that it's something with disk access slowing things down so much.


Kids these days!
Year 8 Day 137 20:42
Adam Foxx

I load 90% of sites instantly, but it takes SWC about 10-12 seconds to load a page :(

Year 8 Day 138 1:53
Cesodevo Avina

What Vong said. JavaScript on or off, it's basically the same loading time to me. When I do a 'swc round', it usually takes maybe 5 minutes, now it takes almost 15. The worst instance seems to be with the messages. I get estimated 5 DMs per day, and reply to them 5 times, but if each page (read, reply and sent) takes almost 4 minutes each (meaning, 12 minutes for everything x5 is 1 hour just for loading times), something is wrong.


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Year 8 Day 139 8:02
Hi guys,

I'm a total newbie here, i've only been here a couple of days but i've noticed the pages are very slow to load, slower than any other website i frequent. (i'd call it vomit inducingly slow).
I'm using FF and I have cable.
I will try turning off the JS thing and see how it goes...


Year 8 Day 139 19:45

Handle's Gideon Bodnari but I'm posting from work and don't have my password here, so meh.

Anyhoo, I've found that it takes me forever to load when I enter or exit my ship, move between rooms, or move between position and cockpit view aboard ship. When I'm off-ship I can do things like build, manipulate my party, scan, and move around normally (almost faster than normally). Is it possible the slow-down has something to do with entities? (Honestly, what I know about coding could be inscribed in large print on the head of a pin so I apologize if what I'm thinking is utterly impossible.)

Year 8 Day 139 20:10

The slowdown that I and most people are reporting is global across the site, and it seems to be occurring before page content begins to load, which is what leads the devs to suspect hardware. More information is still welcomed.


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Year 8 Day 142 10:46
Xavze Zavan

Day 141 and it seems to be zooming along now.Currently can't find any pages that take a year to load.

Yay! ^_^


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