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Year 8 Day 127 8:34
Redo Pak

can i get my handle changed to Redow Pak because the first word is a verb, and not a proper noun.

Edited By: Redo Pak on Year 8 Day 127 8:38
Year 8 Day 127 9:55

Presumably not as I don't believe there is a rule against that.


Year 8 Day 127 10:41
Redo Pak

so i can't get my handle changed

Year 8 Day 127 11:07

I don't believe so but I don't decide whether you can or not, someone who does will reply soon enough with a more useful answer. I don't believe a handle is changed just because someone wrote it wrong, only if a handle slipped through that violates the rules or if it's the players real name.


Year 8 Day 127 11:56
Deleted Post
Redo Pak
Deleted by Redo Pak. Reason: incorrect informacion/ofensive
Year 8 Day 127 13:39
If your handle was accepted like that, then it's valid like that, and therefore there's no reason for it to be changed, unless it was only accepted by mistake.

And by the way, saying "no more post unless its Syn" doesn't actually mean anything, because nobody is required - nor even inclined - to listen to you.


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Year 8 Day 127 14:21
Redo Pak

oh i did not know i apalogize for that. So i cant get my handel changed anymore

Year 8 Day 129 0:00
As your handle does not violate the rules, it will not be changed.