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Year 8 Day 130 9:04
Brawn Quixote

I have heard rumors about players getting tested for force sensitivity, and then being A/E by the Sith force users (or bounty hunters hired by them) in the game. Also, I have heard that the non-Sith force users in the game do not broadcast their abilities for fear of being arrested and executed at the whim of the Sith.

Is there any truth to this?

Year 8 Day 130 9:15
Kirit Hin`Kirl

It's true that most force sensitive players don't just test anyone due to concerns over A/E.

Year 8 Day 130 9:22
Brawn Quixote

You know, with the recent debate over the rules of spying, a clear definition of the intention/purpose behind arrest/execution feature has been established. According to the powers that be, A/E is intended to allow [b]factions[/b] a way to respond to hostile actions. Such as espionage and enemy factions building on their worlds. I am unsure as to its meaning for non-faction members. But.....

If the A/E feature is being utilized to eliminate all non-Sith force users, then is this is a violation of the "golden rule"? In my opinion, detracts from gameplay.

I do agree that it seems to be a perfectly reasonably action IC for a Sith to destroy all non-Sith force users.

I suppose, my real question is: Should A/E be used to eliminate people simply because of their character ability?

Year 8 Day 130 9:29
Many Force Users (non-Sith and Sith alike) are wary of performing Force tests due to the risks of A/E. But there are a number on both sides (and those that prefer to think of themselves as being in the middle) that will do it. They just don't stand up, wave their arms, and shout "Look at me, I'm a Jedi, come get me!" So it can be very hard for a newcomer to the game to get tested. Once someone gets more established in the game, builds some contacts, builds some trust, etc, the chances of them finding someone to test them increase to a fairly decent level (for most people).

It should be noted that one of the more infamous cases of an arrest occuring during supposed testing was the arrest of a Sith. Or outcast Sith, or Dark Side user, or whatever term you want to apply to him.

This rumour about the Sith testing people and then A/Eing the Force sensitive people is one that I have heard before, but it's also one of those general rumours that never has a name attached to it. Most rumours you'll hear a name, or a faction. Something like "Oilios Katasterfor arrested a Sith during a Force test". So I am wary of the truth of this rumour. It may be propoganda, it may relate to a specific incident, or it may have been an idea someone threw around that didn't go anywhere.

As always, being careful who you trust is a definite must. For the person doing the testing AND the one being tested.


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.
Year 8 Day 130 9:43
Brawn Quixote

Ahh. So it is not isolated to one side. It was a nameless rumor truth be told, and I admit, I hadn't thought of the possibility of it being used by "good-guys" to kill the dark-side users.

I guess it pays to consider both possibilities. Still, I disagree with the practice no matter which side is doing it.

Thanks for elaborating on the subject gentlemen.

Year 8 Day 130 11:06
When you think about it, it would generally be rather stupid to kill someone who came to you for a Force test. The fact that they came to you is a decent indication they'll come over to your side (might even get yourself a new apprentice, which is good for your FM and your XP). However if you kill them, there's a good chance their next character is going to be joining one of your enemies. Not necessarily for OOC-motivated revenge, but because they know what happens with people that deal with you.

Either don't waste your time testing them in the first place, or train them for your side. Testing people just to kill the FS ones is pointless.


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.
Year 8 Day 130 12:44
Brawn Quixote

That's a good point Hal! It logically undermines the nameless rumors about people conducting force tests just to identify and eliminate opppositely aligned force users that I brought up at the beginning. I hope that we can rely on the inherent natural selection of the combine to eliminate people that don't see it that way. I can only assume that a person will have had to have been smart enough to survive in the combine long enough to have found out whether or not he/she is FS.

It seems the best policy is, as always, to use common sense and caution.