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Year 8 Day 144 1:38
As Seen on the Sim NewsTM

Report any changes to how long it takes for pages to load and whether it is still very slow for you.


Kids these days!
Year 8 Day 144 2:00
Hexx Harpy

For me, page load time has improved considerably over what it was a few days ago, the game is very playable again.
Difficult to say how it compares to the time before the slowdown; my impression is that it is still a tad slower than at that time, but hardly noticeable.


- mobilis in mobili -
Year 8 Day 144 2:05
Cesodevo Avina

Agreed with Hexx. I'd say it's just about back to normal, so before the slowdowns first started.


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Year 8 Day 144 2:06
Venix Soyak

Never actually noticed any slow-down ( the game was always slow for me ), but this seems to have increased performance significantly. Gj job.


Year 8 Day 144 2:27
To me, the slow-down has been quite visible, and now there's no sign of it! I'm really impressed. Good work!

Edited By: Vyalan Khar on Year 8 Day 144 2:45
Year 8 Day 144 2:35
Ono Stardust

For me, performance has increased considerably compared with a couple of days ago, keep up the good work!

Year 8 Day 144 3:09
Lorin Stormfury

Everything looks normal again for me so i only can thank you guys for that:).


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Year 8 Day 144 3:21
I can do join requests again!




Year 8 Day 144 3:35
It's pretty much back to normal again.


Year 8 Day 144 3:54
I can now move through a factory in less than 24 hours. So its good by me.


Year 8 Day 144 4:19
I am still get slow loading speeds from time to time, it seems to happen when there is about 200 people loged on.

Year 8 Day 144 4:29
Trace Magus

Seems to have improved alot compared to the last few weeks, but every once in a while a page loads slowly.


Trace Magus
Year 8 Day 144 5:44
I am in China - so kinda far away from you'sall - but it's been much snappier than before.

Year 8 Day 144 5:49
Vong Gin`aal

Works much better than during the slowdown. Difficult to say whether it works faster/slower than before slowdown.


Year 8 Day 144 5:50
Trent Hackworth

Heck, This is once again one of the fastest loading sites I've seen. Great work!

Year 8 Day 144 8:08
Silas Haderach

It is working excellently for me.

I'm not sure about comparisons to before the slowdown, but definately much, much faster than a day or two ago.

Year 8 Day 144 8:51
its all very good now, I can actually send mail without being on all night


I want Veknoids, Xexto, and Quermians added to the combine


Year 8 Day 144 11:35
Ashla Ta

It's faster. However the Community Menu/members menu/tech menu/contacts & creds menu thing is now bullet pointed into a list insted of horizonally laid out. Anyone else got this?

Year 8 Day 144 11:38
Yes, Ashla, I've got that same problem.


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Year 8 Day 144 11:45
I assumed it was intentional, but it looks rather ugly.



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