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Year 8 Day 144 11:51

I had this, but a force refresh took care of it (shift-refresh button, I believe)

Year 8 Day 144 12:19
It is much faster then it was before, so good job on that. I do remember it being faster when I first joined, a few weeks ago, but it might have just been a good time.

Year 8 Day 144 12:25
Ctrl-F5, orion, but yes that took care of it, thank you.


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Year 8 Day 144 12:39
Xavze Zavan

Aye...strange but effective.

Site has been normal speed since day 141, after the last sync I assume


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Year 8 Day 144 16:31
Draven Elensar

Pages are now loading at a faster rate then they were before.

Year 8 Day 144 21:07
Great, thanks for the feedback all.

I merged the Menu Swapper code yesterday and changed its CSS as well, so you'd be seeing the bullet points until your CSS updated (should happen on its own after a while) or you forced a refresh.

We'll be bringing across a few more changes in the sync on the weekend that may make a further difference. So if a few people could keep an eye on any differences after the next Digest gets posted we'd appreciate it.


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Year 8 Day 144 22:49
Asma Tam

It seems to still be going quite slow for me, but as for the most part, things seem to be fine.

(by the most part, I mean pretty much everybody else.)


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Year 8 Day 144 23:20

It confused me that this topic went up after the trouble was already solved. ;-)

Year 8 Day 145 15:47
Asma Tam

"Ctrl-F5, orion, but yes that took care of it, thank you."

I suppose Orion's using Internet Explorer. You must be using FF then.

edit: Tried a forced refresh, didn't fix the vertical problem. w/e, i'll just wait.

Edited By: Asma Tam on Year 8 Day 145 15:47

How can you sign a "ture"? Seriously.
Year 8 Day 153 0:14

Ya know, I'd like to withdraw my "it's already fixed" statement... :-/

Year 8 Day 173 15:41
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