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Archives » Lost a ship in hyperspace
Year 8 Day 145 9:41
I was in transit from Karideph (-42,-435) to Endor (-326,-192) and noticed one of my ships ID# 107335 had dropped out of hyperspace at (-83,-435). I made a quick decision to abort hyper and risk it to get my ship. The four other ships I had in tow via NPC ID#'s 107280, 107332, 107334, and 108689 have maintained their course in hyper. I am in route to (-83,-435) in my actual piloted ship ID# 106515. Here are my questions.

1.) What should I do?
2.) What would cause a ship that is NPC'd to drop out of hyper?
3.) What will happen to the 4 that stayed in Hyper when I aborted?
4.) If it has to be fixed can you just put all 6 of the ships in Endor (-326,-192)?

Cloakshape/H's Raven Squad involved:
106515 in route to (-83,-435) Piloted by Jason Wayne
107335 at (-83,-435) NPC Controlled
107280 in route to Endor NPC Controlled
107332 in route to Endor NPC Controlled
107334 in route to Endor NPC Controlled
108689 in route to Endor NPC Controlled


Jason Wayne

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Year 8 Day 145 20:52

Add your information to that bug please.


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