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Year 8 Day 147 13:53
Tyr Tulon

A long time ago, everyone had something like 5 or 6 possible starting locations. I think it was something like there were 5 places anyone could start (Coruscant, Corellia, Kuat and two others I think), or you could choose your race's homeworld, or your faction's HQ if you were in one. I was just wondering why that changed, and if there were any plans to increase the number of possible starting locations, either adding the old ones back, or making 5 planets with the largest populations a starting location or something. It doesn't really make all that much sense (to me at least) to restrict starting locations to only one or two places. Your character isn't like an infant or anything when you start playing them, they'll have had a chance to go to other worlds and everything, not to mention the possibility that they could have been conceived on other worlds.

Year 8 Day 147 14:49
As I recall, there were no human subspecies to select at that time. Now that there are, each one uses their own homeworld as their starting location. I see no reason why that should change, as it doesn't have a significant impact either way. In fact, it's a fairly common basis for most MMORPGs; you select a race and you start at that race's starting location, regardless of your character's age.