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Year 8 Day 198 4:55
I set off to reach Atmosphere level at Year 8 Day 197, 3:47 You are on your way to the atmosphere of the planet Knolstee.

I have just logged back on and my cockpit screen says ETA 1hr to atmosphere still.

Is travel poblems being looked at.

Year 8 Day 198 21:04
Aye, the travel and action issues stem from the server instability which appears to be caused by the load that travel is having to cope with. We've had a monitoring script in place for a while that will take the server down and restart it if things gets too heavy, but the best that can do is minimise downtime. We're looking at throwing some more hardware at the server and hope to be able to put some resources into redesigning travel to cope with the large load it is trying to deal with.


Kids these days!
Year 8 Day 198 23:46
Riax Tardes

Can't you do a script to disable/delay access to certain functions if the server load is too high? I am sure travel is the last thing we would like to go down.

For example, filtering, Galaxy Map, scan button, you know better than I do.

Year 8 Day 199 23:02
Not really practical as I understand the monitoring script 'm afraid.


Kids these days!
Year 8 Day 203 4:31
Riax Tardes

In that case, it isn't possible to somehow automate the process of fixing travel? I assume each time it breaks, it's the same problem.

Like a "Fix Travel" button.

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Year 8 Day 204 19:45
There's already a button of sorts that kicks the travel script into gear again that people with high enough server access can hit. When that's the cause of it it's just a matter of such a person being on to do it when the server reaches the load limit.


Kids these days!
Year 8 Day 205 0:41
Kyle Rainer

When this happens it is best to contact someone such as orion, khan, or myself about this issue so we can fix it.

Year 8 Day 206 5:09
Ashla Ta

I'm stuck travelling up to the atmosphere on Naboo. What can one do? Is there an ETA on a fix?

Year 8 Day 206 5:43
Kyle Rainer

I did the temp fix not long after that time so you should be moving now. No ETA on a perm fix as of yet that I know of.

Year 8 Day 206 8:53
Ashla Ta

Okay, cheers though for temp fix. :)

Year 8 Day 210 3:49
Riax Tardes

But there is something peculiar: from what I have noticed, every time after the daily backup, travel stops. What is the reason for this?

Could it be that something is wrong with the backup procedure itself?

Year 8 Day 210 16:19
Trent Hackworth

On a guess it'd be because the Backup rapes the server's resources which in turn kills travel.

Year 8 Day 211 0:04
Riax Tardes

So, can't the backup procedure be modified so that it first turns travel back on, and then brings the server online?

Year 8 Day 211 4:50

Except the server uses less resources during a back-up that at normal times so that guess fails. How about we assume the admin know what there doing and are doing what can be done?


Year 8 Day 211 5:12
Riax Tardes

That is not possible, because we also feel the need to express our concerns, thoughts and ideas.

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