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Archives » I am trapped and unable to leave.
Year 8 Day 206 12:11
Bawolf Sun

I got arrested about a year ago by a random player, for apparently standing in the street. I have not been let lose, and I would like to know why. Unless they arrested me cause I like the sith, yet have not been in it since before I was arrested.

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Year 8 Day 206 13:15
Tyr Tulon

4/ Drop Character

If a character has been arrested for more then 3 weeks he will get the option to turn it into a NPC and then recreate into a new character. The NPC will have the same handle and race as the character had and exist in the galaxy. Any assets will follow the same rules as when a character is killed.
The button to drop your character will appear in the members area next to your character image three weeks after you have been arrested.

The waiting time after dropping a character is one week. 

Year 8 Day 206 13:15
Riax Tardes

You can try first to contact the arresters to release you.

What was your location when you got arrested?

Year 8 Day 206 16:13
Bawolf Sun

My races home planet Dorin, starting city City 94, positon 0,0. I tried to contact them before, but they didn't reply.

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Year 8 Day 206 20:49
I seem to recall the Empire arrested a bunch of people on Dorin at one point. You might try contacting them about it first.


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Myrr Starshine

I think the entire arrest/execute system needs to be overhauled. It is not used most often in its intended function and is primarily used as little more than a griefing tool by many faction leaders.

Why should someone that was arrested a year ago give up everything they have just to get out of be arrested. That seems very unfair.

There seems to be no reasoning behind arrest/execute other than the will of the faction leaders or others they give rights to.

Sienar Fleet Systems leader Ki Virtu routinely kills members of his own corporation for inactivity. This of course prevents folks from coming back to the game and giving it another chance. He does this even if the people contact or post on their forums about leaving the game or becoming inactive. Of course it might speak to why his forums only has 7 registered users, hard to keep folks in your faction if you don't treat them well.

I believe there needs to be some sort of overhaul.

There should be a way to see how many executions any faction has performed and of those executions how many were members of their own faction or government.

In addition it might be handy in the profile to show how many arrests the character has been responsible for and how many executions they have performed.

That or we need much tighter rules on conditions that you can issue an arrest warrant and/or execution warrant.

Bawolf Sun

I'm just gonna drop this character, I know I can no longer find those responsible for my arrest, so I might as well. Although is it possible to transfer my 85,990 credits?

Riax Tardes

No, you can't transfer your credits, but you can donate them.

If you have CP points, they will follow you into your next life.

And this is not a place for suggestions. The suggestions forum exists for this purpose. There was 1 arrest thread in there, but it disappeared.

Year 8 Day 207 10:10
No he can't Riax. He's arrested.


Patriarch of House Ismay
Year 8 Day 208 21:25
Tahil Vorn

There were many people arrested on Dorin during the GEs reign as the Galactic Government...
I remember when I joined SWC seeing dozens of Kel Dor arrested, but since the TF has taken control of Dorin Kel Dor are free to roam the streets again.

Why can't the controlling government of a planet set arrested players free?


Riax Tardes

Why can't the controlling government of a planet set arrested players free? 

For that, there are probably no game mechanics. But is it possible to arrest arrested players? And release them after that ...

If you are the local government, you should be able to arrest everybody ... including prisoners.