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Year 6 Day 191 13:00
Eon Janus

I'm new and just started at Falleen. As you probably know, i've started at the Falleen Civic Center (the welcome building). The problem is, when I go to the entrance square inside the building, it says that it's also the exit, but I can't exit the place. I tried using the "unboard" button but it says something about the Civic Center being above some facility, and that I should wait a while.
Please, give me a hand here, because I'm a little lost =P

Year 6 Day 191 18:19
Brendan Gonring

i have had the exact same problem the hotel that i am in has been above a facility for like 6 hours!

Year 6 Day 191 19:19
Adrian Sashacca

I was able to escape the civic centre alright, however in exploring the city in which I am located, I entered the temple, and now have the same problem. Which is annoying, considering I went in there to continue to familiarise myself with the system before walking somewhere else to continue to gain XPs.

Adrian Sashacca

Year 6 Day 191 22:35
Luke Bagwa

My situation is even worse. I'm in the starting room of the Ithorian civic center and I can't even get out of the room.

Year 6 Day 192 0:11


Kids these days!