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Archives » Question regarding the old-new char rules and something posted in traders lounge
Kavac La`Cthulhu

be sure those assets in your old character's possession do not return to your new character's inventory for any reason.

- Syn

Ok, I understand Char A of Player 1 giving Char B of Player 2 his assets, dying, and then Char B gives Char C of Player 1 the stuff Char A had is violation.

But what if this scenario happens(this is based on the last few words of that quote): You die. Your assets, including a specific ship, go to other players/factions by choice or NPC market. You have a new character, and get into trading. Well, along the road you find a good deal on a ship. You buy the ship, send creds, and assuming the seller is honest trader you get this ship. Then come to find out this ship you just bought was the exact same one your previous character owned.

Yeah, would that end up in violation of that rule as my assumption based on the quote above, or is that a mere coincidence that won't get you punished despite it being your new character being in possession of an asset your old character had?

Might as well get that cleared up since it sounds confusing and too open for scenarios(however rare they may be) like the one above to land players into Bannedsville. o_O


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Xavze Zavan

I was wondering about that myself.Stuff gets traded and changes hands everyday,so its pretty much impossible to check.Theoretically,you may win back some of your previous characters goodies in one of the zillion raffles also...

Seems to me the spirit of the golden rule is open to individual interpretations here....


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Jayce Prassus

Kavac, if a character is punished for something like that, something's wrong with the admins.

I was wondering about this as well. Syn's comment is very broad. I probably have 5 things my last character had right now, but I have no idea. There's no way to know. You won't be punished for it. If you are, the person punishing you needs to be smacked around a bit.

Kavac, Syn's statement doesn't take into account reasonable amount of time for a new character to establish themselves. If you have a ship, lose it when you die, take 3 months hard trading to build your assets up, and happen to buy the ship you owned before, nobody's going to notice or raise an eyebrow.

If you are found in possession of the modded capship/other rare asset that you owned before within a couple of weeks of recreating, then chances are you're going to be in trouble, regardless of what circumstances you may be claiming to excuse it.


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Summarized nicely. Otherwise, if you aren't sure that something that's returned to you by way of raffle or otherwise is yours, it is highly unlikely that it is the same thing (and if you can't tell, odds are nobody will think to check up on it anyway as it evidently isn't significant enough to warrant further scrutiny). Abuse of this rule is always intentional, and generally incredibly obvious.



Kavac La`Cthulhu

Ah, ok. Just wondering since that worded statement did make it seem way too broad and subjective. Thanks for clearing that up.

And Jayce, personally I have nothing to fear from this, but it's just the way she said her statement that made me feel the need to post a question.

But yeah, thanks for the explanation.


Imperial Credits, Nova Crystals, who cares? Money is money, so long as it spends. I accept either currency.