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Archives » Problem: Email Unaccepted
Year 8 Day 248 3:33

I recently applied for this website using my email address, and was quite distressed to learn that the email address that costs me $30 a year doesn't count as a paid email. I understand that the rules say that unpaid email servers aren't welcome, but I am disappointed that decisions are not researched before hand to determine email addresses that are from free servers and emails that aren't.

The application was from, if anyone feels like correcting such an awful mistake.

Year 8 Day 248 3:44
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

"Instead we allow ISP (Internet Service Provider), school, some work, and other paid e-mail addresses, and if you own a private domain you must use or"

I'm guessing that they consider this a private domain.


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Year 8 Day 248 3:45

Unfortunate for me then. I'll just wait and see if an Admin comes along and has something to say.

Year 8 Day 248 3:50
There is a good chance that they'll review your case and find your email address acceptable, I've seen it happen before.


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Year 8 Day 248 3:52

That's good to hear. That's what I'm hoping.

Year 8 Day 248 7:35
How can one get an address at
If there is a signup form/registration form, could you please provide a link to it? I couldn't find it when looking at that page.


Year 8 Day 248 9:28
After alot of wasted time, found the link Togan, (on a completely different site)

I still think he should just use one of his many comcast email addresses.



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Year 8 Day 248 14:38

The comcast emails are my fathers and he doesn't want me using one. As for registration for an email, it comes with the $30 membership, so there isn't a registration form.

Year 8 Day 250 6:37

Any decisions made? Because at this point I don't really care anymore.

Year 8 Day 250 22:46
You seem to care enough to follow up on it. I would advise simply registering with that e-mail address again, and if any of the above who responded to you are the ones handling your join request they may remember this and approve it.