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Year 8 Day 279 13:52
I had just changed my password. As soon as I changed it, the screen refreshed and I was back to the login page. When I attempted to login, I get the message, " You have entered either the handle or password incorrectly. Please log in again." Might I still be logged in somehow?

Again my handle is Fenix Sage and my email is ericson11 at verizon dot net. Thanks in advance!

Year 8 Day 279 21:53
You aren't currently, at least. If you are unable to log in with the new password, are you still able to use the old password, then attempt to change it a second time? The session may have timed out or something the first time.



Year 8 Day 280 8:01
Nope neither passwords work. Am I able to use non alphanumeric characters in my password?

Year 8 Day 280 8:50
Fenix Sage

Well I guess problem solved! Just remembered it's been 24 hours since it happened, so I was able to use the lost password feature again (duh). Thanks for the support!

Year 8 Day 287 14:56
How do i find out my handle

Year 8 Day 287 16:10
Please open a new thread for your problems instead of posting in someone else's.

You choose your handle when you sign up. It is the name of your character.