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Archives » Confirmation before aborting hyperspace
Cesodevo Avina

My question evolves around the topic title.

When you press 'abort' while in hyperspace, do you get a warning/confirmation message telling you what may happen if you abort? Or anything alike (like the usual 'Are you sure' message)?

I haven't tried to abort a hyperjump before (understandably, I assume), but I just want to know that when people accidently press on 'abort' (perhaps due to a jumpy mouse or whatnot) if they will be warned about the possible concequences beforehand.


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Tidus Tia

Nope. You press that button, you drop.

Cesodevo Avina

Hmm. Ouch. So much for that.

Well... question answered, thank you.


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Cern Dragoon

YOu have to figure that, even with a 0 in F/F, the chances of actually crashing into a sun are nominal, like 350-something in 250,000. But yeah, this could be useful.

The button clearly labeled "Abort" just isn't enough for you?


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Lithio Iffelin

You could accidentally click abort. It seems unlikely, I know, but with my luck...


May the Grace of Ara go with you, and may His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies.
Erm. You need to go to Cockpit, click the Travel button, click the Hyper button, and then click Abort.

If you are traveling, there is really no reason you would move beyond the first step under normal conditions. There is certainly no reason you'd make it all the way to the Hyper page - there's nothing else on it at all!

This really isn't the sort of thing you can accidentally do, in the process of trying to access some other page. :P



Cesodevo Avina

Huh, I thought that when someone was in hyperspace, the 'hyper' button wasn't even there, but instead replaced by the 'abort' button.

True, there is nothing of further significance on that page (besides Galaxy Map), but some people, like 'teachers' that want to show new players via screenshots how to play will eventually need this page as well. And then a faulty mouse (or a drunk user) could accidentally press that button.

I'm one of the former, I had this wireless mouse on one PC I was using, and like every 30 seconds it received a life of its own and then went wandering across the screen. So when I wanted to press 'RPG Centre', I accidentally landed at 'Message Centre'. So to speak.

However, I'm not suggesting for this to be changed, I just wanted to know if something like a confirmation/warning existed. And the question was answered already, so again, thank you.


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Kuro Neko

You can also unexpectedly exit hyper-space if you, as pilot, board another ship docked within ship you are piloting.

Original post is in archives: Many people may die because of this


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Yes, implementing some sort of alert for that wouldn't be a bad idea because apparently many people are unaware that's how the game mechanics work.