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Archives » Cannot stay logged in!!!!
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Year 8 Day 328 17:28
Aiden Cora

Odd, could it be a problem with their comps?

Year 8 Day 329 4:44

aiden..i dont think so..i have run all the checks on my computer..all my other online games, mmpogs and games run fine....hmm...i am still checking from my end...will let you know if i come up with anything from the computer side...this just started around 1 week ago...until that point i have been able to get online with swc...for about 3 years ...my handle is kram ovak...bye for now

Year 8 Day 329 11:24
I would advise mailing khan@swcombine.com directly as he checks his mail more frequently than he checks the forums.



Year 8 Day 330 23:17
Aye, email is the best way to contact me during the week.

I've added Kram Ovak to the debug and expanded the reach of the debug a little since 've still not received any for others here. I've manually synced the file concerned so I should start getting debug next time you get kicked out.


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Year 8 Day 331 19:44
hmm, curious. I'm only getting debug information when you login Kram, not when you get logged out.


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Year 8 Day 332 2:45

kram here...i have tried to log in with both IE and firefox...what does that mean?? what do you need me to do??

Year 8 Day 334 4:23
Try clearing your browser cache for both FF and IE. If that doesn't work is there another computer you can try and login on?

If not then 've got one other thing I can try.


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Year 8 Day 335 3:22

This is Zev Tallav again. It’s still happening to me. I’ll email Kahn directly; hopefully he can get this straightened out. By the way I have access to 6 different computers from my work computers use a T1 connections to my home which uses Satellite to even my parents house which uses a land line DSL. And they all do the same thing, just kick me right back to the log in screen.

Year 8 Day 335 4:56

kram here...i tried clearing both IE and FF that still did not work...i will go into work tonight and check the computer there...it is on a totally different system not connected with the house at all...will let you know..


Year 8 Day 335 13:00
kram here ...i tried it at work and it worked there...i came home and tried it here with IE and now it appears to be working...thx for the help

kram out


Year 8 Day 336 3:55
Good to hear Kram. Let me know how it goes over the next week please.

Zev: Try and login a few times now from anywhere. Also, I haven't received any emails from you (it doesn't matter now though).


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Year 8 Day 343 14:01

Daigo Zendak here. Just wondering if you're still keeping tabs on my situation? At home i'm still having no end to my problems with staying logged into SWC, but at Uni there's no problem at all.

I'd think it might have something to do with me being on a wireless connection at home, but this problem is unique only to logging into SWC, no other site I go on experiences any problem even remotely similar to this :-/

Right now it seems to boot me out whenever I try to access the navcomp, but so far I can sign straight back in after that. Subsequent attempts have the same result. This is on top of generally booting me out whenever it feels like it, especially when im trying to enter the cockpit of whatever vessel im in.

Just to note this is my second attempt at posting this here. First time it booted me out when i tried to do it, so i've had to resort to doing it as a guest >.>

Year 8 Day 344 23:44
I've not been getting any debug for you Daigo. I've just double checked and your handle on the debug had a typo in it, sorry about that. Try and login a few times now and it should start sending debug to me.


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Year 8 Day 345 19:58
I got the first debug from you Daigo. I've got a theory as to why it's happening but I'll need you to be kicked out a few more times to be sure.


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Year 8 Day 347 5:03
Daigo: I've had to turn off one of our security checks for you since it doesn't look like we'll be able to detect it properly. You should be able to login without issue now.

Anyone else still having issues?


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Year 8 Day 347 11:49
It seems that the issue is resolved! I haven't been kicked out at all today. I'll see how it is over the next week but i've a feeling you've fixed the problem.

So, great job Khan, and thank you very much! ^_^


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Year 8 Day 350 4:29

No worries.


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