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Year 8 Day 299 12:55
Gensein Malakar

I recently joined the GE and noticed that I do not have an avatar on their site. When I tried to find a way to fix it, I found a picture with the symbols on it like Imperial avatars usualy have on them, but instead of my combine avatar in it, it says: under construction. whats the deal here? do I have to graduate from their accademy first? or does Under construction, mean that they are editing my avatar to list Imperial status for me?

Year 8 Day 299 12:59
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

Their website is not directly connected to the main site, go ask your superiors there. Oh, and linking images straight from your computer doesn't work..


Staff consensus that avatar was inappropriately suggestive. (retards)
Year 8 Day 299 12:59
Please note that also here in the combine your picture links to
c:\Documents and Settings\kids\My Documents\My Pictures\107a.jpg
which is on your own HDD.

Either use www.photobucket.com or any other hosting service to upload your avatar.

Maybe this helps also with your GE-forum-problem (which we can't deal with here).


Year 8 Day 299 12:59
You will have to contact the GE about that, we do not have any control over their site.


Year 8 Day 299 13:04
Gensein Malakar

Yea, I knew you guys couldnt help me with anything Imperial related.

Edited By: Gensein Malakar on Year 8 Day 299 13:20
Year 8 Day 299 13:22
Ryu Takarashi

Yep indeed.