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Archives » Weapon Emplacement Accuracy
Year 8 Day 318 12:25
Zenchi Senkusha

Someone told me the admins were going to make Turbolasers have about the same accuracy as Heavy lasers...? I would surely hope not.

Year 8 Day 318 13:11
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

Someone should wait until the rules are released.


Staff consensus that avatar was inappropriately suggestive. (retards)
Year 8 Day 318 19:08
Talon Xor

Combat won't be coming out for years. I wouldn't care/worry about it at the moment.

Year 8 Day 318 20:36
Aiden Cora

Yeah, and I'm not countin the days, combine is still great so it's no problem waiting.
And yeah it's better to wait and see how that works before complainin bout wait for it to happen, then say hey.

Year 8 Day 318 22:00
Tidus Tia

Quote me on this if you like....

We have no idea when combat will be released. It will be released when we are done with it. Until that point, everything you hear about combat is a rumor.

In fact, as it stands right now.... you can count combat as a rumor. :P

Year 8 Day 318 22:19
Deleted Post
Aiden Cora
Deleted by Syn. Reason: Stop making useless posts in the Problem Centre.
Year 8 Day 320 20:26
Zenchi Senkusha

If combat didn't come out for another decade...I'd still be asking the question.

Year 8 Day 320 20:45
Tidus Tia

Good for you. . . . .