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Year 8 Day 325 9:19
I have a couple of questions about traveling as a passenger on a ship. 1) How can you tell where you are and if you are on the move? 2) Do you receive XP for for traveling in this manner? I have asked the Commander of the ship I am on about 1) and he stated the information about our location was at the Room Description Screen, but all I get is a Room ID# and my location on the ship (ie:Cockpit). I'm sure he knows where he's going and where he's at, but how can I?

Year 8 Day 325 9:29
Aiden Cora

No you only get xp if you fly the ship, and I'm not sure about the other Q the pilot of the ship I'm in always says our location over the speakers

Year 8 Day 325 9:32
Only the pilot will get XP while travelling.

There are some wildcards for room description that allow the pilot to show destination and/or ETA to the destination to the passenger, however they are not standard and the pilot can take them out at any time.
The only sure way to get your ETA/location is to ask the pilot.


Year 8 Day 325 9:44
Thanks for the info and quick reply, but I sure wish I could tell where I was w/o asking the pilot all the time. I guess I'll put in a suggestion.

Year 8 Day 325 9:48
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

As Togan said, you can know where you are without asking the pilot. They just have to alter the room description.


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Year 8 Day 325 9:50
That, and the fact that passengers cannot directly see the location is intentional ... after all, as regular passenger, you will most likely not have access to the ship's computer.


Year 8 Day 325 9:50
No. Do not make a suggestion about that.
How should you be able to tell your exact location or your destination at all?


Year 8 Day 325 10:00
Thanks again for the clarification. I won't make a suggestion. I'll just kick back and enjoy the ride.

Year 8 Day 353 23:52
Malorum Steel

I agree too, I am just a new member of the combine and I thought we could always see our position in ship if we are passengers?

Year 8 Day 354 0:19
Yes, if you are the pilot you can read your location off the ship's Navcomp.

Otherwise, you can't just look out the window and know immediately where you are (most of space is empty, black, and even if you see something in the distance, you are most likely not able to recognise it without any help).