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Year 8 Day 341 19:28
Isabella D`Este

What are the rules for submitting custom items? Do they *have* to be equipable and useful (in a RPing sense, obviously)? Can I submit a custom image for an exotic orchid my character acquired or a rare painting? A forgotten statue perhaps? Or this is against the rules?

Year 8 Day 341 21:42
Yes, you can submit any of those things. The item doesn't need to have any particular use, and most don't. It doesn't need to be something you would normally equip, although I would recommend allowing for hand slots so that you can carry it..



Year 8 Day 341 21:42

As far as I know, there are no limitations to what you can create. You can't create a gun and then expect to be able to use it now or in the future, however. The feature was added specifically to allow people to create RP/flavor items.


I dare you to make less sense.

Are you a newbie, or do you have access to newbies?
Year 8 Day 341 22:32
Aiden Cora

So if I make a custom item, say an iron rod, I could use it as a weapon in a scenario?

Year 8 Day 341 22:42
If you mean in a White Scenario, you should read the WS item rules for that; they are posted separately in the WS forum.



Year 8 Day 341 22:45
Aiden Cora

I also mean in the Meeting hall where I see several members RPing

Year 8 Day 342 0:04
Since the Meeting Hall has no effects whatsoever on any part of the database (except the forum post database), you can use anything you want in there, as long as you follow the rules.

You won't however be able to use the custom item to do any damage once combat is done.


Year 8 Day 342 0:30
Aiden Cora

Makes sense or else people'd be makin super items, thanks for the response.

Year 8 Day 342 19:40
Isabella D`Este

Can I submit a custom item that cannot be equipped so nobody would be able to move it from it's current position?

Edited By: Isabella D`Este on Year 8 Day 342 19:44
Year 8 Day 342 22:33
Oddly, if you submit a custom item and check none of the equip options, it will default to being equippable to your back, chest, and belt.