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Year 9 Day 12 3:57
Oilios Katastrefor

I can't help but notice there are hundreds of wrecks outside Denevar, including those of an interdictor, several mon cals, an ithor herd ship, etc... just curious... how did they get there, and what is going to happen to them?

Year 9 Day 12 4:20
Cesodevo Avina

Noticed the same above Sullust.

Most likely they were test ships from back in development stage. Simply put, those wrecks are from the admins. I bet owner says 'Darkness', right?


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Year 9 Day 12 4:43
I'd be more willing to think it has something to do with the Vong April Fool's joke, that wasn't cleaned up, than anything to do with testing.


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Year 9 Day 12 4:50
Lance Hawke

Tenloss Syndicate and Tycho Celchu owns it all. Even the SSD wreck.

Year 9 Day 12 5:46

They were left over from recycling testing, which I believe Tyke did and got to keep them. Presumably they will float forever, be destroyed or be recycled, it doesn't really matter.


Year 9 Day 13 4:04
When recycling was first brought out, each recylcing faction got a number of wrecks placed.


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Year 9 Day 13 9:48
Alex Tylger

As far as I know, all your theories are wrong. Though Lance is right in that Celchu and Tenloss owns them.

A number of ship wrecks existed in the game prior to the release of recycling. This was from red scenarios and whatnot. They were all of the default space debris "Wreck" ship type (all 50k tons, 50 meters or whatever.) When recycling was released, they decided to make it so that a wreck is not so much general debris, but a ship reduced to debris, such as A-wing wreck, SSD wreck and so on.

Generic wrecks were then randomly converted to wrecks of various ship types. Owning and leading StormOne Recycling at the time, I recall we had at least one MC-80B and several Lucres. Tenloss ended up with several SSDs and all sorts of stuff. Occasionally (depending on wreck damage extent, I believe) you are able to enter wrecks you own, hence why you might occasionally see Tenloss make GNS posts from a SSD.

I seem to recall that Tenloss had a large number of wrecks, but since then they may have created more by using the wrecker ship that can split wrecks in to additional smaller pieces of size determined by the pilot. I don't think anyone was allowed to keep testing wrecks. At least I wasn't, and had to make them over to BlackKnight again after testing.


Year 9 Day 13 13:00
Rav Isaar

They use them to make their GNS's look cool.

Year 9 Day 16 16:19
Oilios Katastrefor

just want to make sure they're kept as wrecks :P No magical 'repairing wrecks' feature implimented etc.

Year 9 Day 16 22:30
Azrakh Raleep

Yeah, cause it would just be terrible for someone other the the GE and Hapes to have any power in the game, now wouldn't it. :P


Year 9 Day 17 0:01
In the form of freebies that were created to be wrecks rather than powerful ships?

Yes it would.



Year 9 Day 17 10:47
Deleted Post
Oilios Katastrefor
Deleted by Phryss. Reason: topic
Year 9 Day 22 16:17
Alex Tylger

When a ship is a wreck, it is beyond the point that it can be repaired. Hence.. Wreck.


Year 9 Day 23 23:01

To reply to yet another nonsense post made by Oil...

In the days of red scenarios and when I chose Denevar as my home base, I organised the faction and we destroyed everything in system that wasn't owned by Tenloss (GSI at the time), and accidentally a few things that were.

Upon implementation of recycling, all wrecks in the galaxy got converted into a ship type via a random script.

I did not obtain these via recycling, I already owned them.

Highly doubtful that there will be the ability to repair wrecks in the future, although cobbling them together to make the mother of all uglies does make me giggle from time to time.

As for what is going to happen to them, nothing. They are my pride and joy and will remain hovering over Den 1 pretty much forever. None have ever been sold, or will be despite multiple requests from factions and individuals. They won't be recycled. They are going to continue to rust and make my system look pretty.

Year 9 Day 23 23:02
Tycho Celchu

Apparently I got logged out while writing the post. GG SWC.

Next time, just ask the source instead of trying to make something out of nothing Grant.

Edited By: Tycho Celchu on Year 9 Day 23 23:03