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Year 9 Day 16 8:30
Dash Malor

I've heard this term used, I was wondering how exactly you do it? Thanks!

Year 9 Day 16 8:33
Ka`rla Leakey

If you need to travel one side of a system to another, it can take several hours by sublight. To remedy this you do a 1 unit hyperjump to the empty system next door and come back. Voila you are now on the other side of the system and it has only taken about 40 minutes.

Year 9 Day 16 8:37
Dash Malor

how would I go about doing that? like say if I'm in grid 4,6, how to I make sure that I will get to 19,19? or do I just jump anywhere in the other system, then come back into 19,19? (sorry, I've acutally never gone into hyperspaec before, want to get things down incase something bad happens lol)

oh, and to add, can I do this in one transaction? or do I have to wait until I get to the other system?

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Year 9 Day 16 8:45
Ka`rla Leakey


Okay if you are in square 4,6 and need to go to sublight 19,19 in your system, you hyper to 5,7 and then come back to 4,6 - this will put you in that corner.

If you hyper to 5,5 and return you will be at position 19,0 in system 4,6

if you hyper to 4,5 you will return at 10,0 in system 4,6
3,5 would be a 0,0 position in system 4,6 etc

Each system has 8 hyper access points so as long as you jump to the system next to your desired returned point you will get their quickly.

Year 9 Day 16 9:16
Dash Malor

ok, I guess I'm just a little confused how you actually do it. I mean, I go to hyper in the travel section, but where do I put in the coords? or am I doing osmething completely wrong? lol. gah..I hate being a newbie at things lol *sigh* I get the grid concept, but don't understand how I actually "do it".

Year 9 Day 16 9:25
Ka`rla Leakey

If you click on the hyper button, 2 little boxes will pop up next to the map. These will hold your current coordinates. The x coordinate will go in the first box and the y coordinate will go in the second box. You just change those to be the coordinates you want to jump to, this in the case of a micro jump will just be adding or subtracting 1 from the numbers already there.

The jump will be fairly quick so you can come back again soon to do the quick jump back.

Year 9 Day 16 9:31
When you make a normal hyperspace jump, you can either select your location by clicking on a sector, and then a known system within that sector, or you can manually enter a set of co-ordinates.

So, you could locate the system you want, select it to populate its co-ordinates in the selection boxes, view the system on the Galaxy Map to see which entry point you want to come in from, then manually adjust the co-ordinates you have selected in the cockpit to overshoot it by 1 square in that direction.
Then, when you arrive, you simply either select the system again, or manually enter the co-ordinates if you remember them.

If that still doesn't make sense, just wait until you get in the cockpit of a hyperspace capable ship, and play around - you'll figure it out.


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Year 9 Day 16 9:33
Dash Malor

ok, my currently coords are 140,-9. so I put in the coords, 5,7, but it says 3 hours? that can't be right lol, I"m sure I did something wrong. I'm in the sern sector, Tyrius system, right ontop of rodia.

Year 9 Day 16 9:44
Ka`rla Leakey

To do a microjump you only alter the coordinates by 1 in any direction.

For you to jump to 19,19 in your current system (140,-9), you do a hyper jump to coordinates (141,-10) and then return back to (140,-9).

It sounds like you have clicked the sublight button when putting in the coordinates. Things will be different when you press the hyper button.

Year 9 Day 16 9:46
Make sure you're doing hyper travel, not sublight. You can't actually use hyper within a system, but you can hyper into a system closer to your destination to save time. So you hyper PAST the system you want, then jump BACK into it. Then use sublight.


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.
Year 9 Day 16 9:51
Dash Malor

ahh! I got it!! lol thank you very much! both of you! I put in the 141, -10, and it will only take 40 mins instead of the 3.5 hours in sublight! thanks so much!