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Year 9 Day 21 20:58
I bought an Unarmed Brawler NPC, but I don't know how to brawl with him and get XP. I already fought him by talking to him, and that just got us hurt. How do you get XP off brawlers?


Year 9 Day 21 21:44

The winner of the brawl gets 1-5 XP.


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Year 9 Day 21 21:44
Evan Bluvius

You must continue brawling with him (which is what you accomplished by talking to him) until one of you reaches 1 HP. At this point, the brawler will either state that he bested you or that he was no match for you. The loser gets 1 XP, the winner gets a random amount between 1 and 5 XP.

After each match, the brawler's HP will automatically regen to 100% and you may brawl him again (for a total of 4 matches per 24 hours - if I recall correctly). However, you only regain HP at the normal regen-rate.

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Year 9 Day 21 22:12
Okay, got it. Thanks for the help.


Year 9 Day 22 2:53
You can always purchase a Healer NPC to regain your health more quickly after a fight, for a small fee.


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