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Year 9 Day 27 8:12
Lance Hawke

I created 6 custom items just a moment ago and there were several errors. First, it didn't give me any event notice that i had submitted images for the custom items. Second, it automatically accepted each and every custom item. Third, it didn't reduce any CPs for any of them. Fourth, they spawned at an invisible location again.


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Year 9 Day 27 13:54
Azrakh Raleep

Don't I have to accept the Art for them to work or something? I'm not really sure, but I did just accept the images about 20 min ago, so maybe you should double check and see if things have changed.


Year 9 Day 27 14:35
Yes, the CPs will not be deducted and the items will not appear at their correct location until they have been accepted. Really it is just the event message that you initially receive that is flawed, because it leads you to believe the items have been approved, rather than having been submitted for approval.



Year 9 Day 27 14:40
Azrakh Raleep

Yeah, I thought it was something like this. When I created a custom item a while back, I noticed it, but I never really payed much attention because I directly accepted my images myself.


Year 9 Day 27 19:18
Lance Hawke

No, they were in my inventory. I was looking right at them.

Year 9 Day 27 22:01
Azrakh Raleep

I know, for some weird reason, when CPing custom items in puts them in your invent, with no image and no location. Once I accept your images, then you get a location and an image. That is of course, IIRC. I might do some testing to figure out this all later.



Year 9 Day 27 22:06
Lance Hawke

No location, but i did still get the images.

Year 9 Day 27 22:28
Azrakh Raleep

Interesting... Check at your feet, and see if picking anything up will help? :P

Not trying to sound sarcastic, but just guessing.


Year 9 Day 27 23:05
Lance Hawke

Oh, the moment you accepted them i got the events and everything. I'm holding the items now. But I'm still pointing out that they were created before being accepted.

Year 9 Day 27 23:20
Azrakh Raleep

ahh I understand. I'll prod one of the coders over here and we'll see what happens. Thanks Lance.

It'd actually be better if you went to the Bug Base with this and explained everything.

Edited By: Azrakh Raleep on Year 9 Day 27 23:21

Year 9 Day 28 9:31
Rav Isaar

Oh Lance, you and your custom items.. :P

Year 9 Day 28 9:38
Lance Hawke

What can i say? I like to have my own toys.