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Year 9 Day 31 13:22
Is it possible to upgrade a civil NPC to a custom at some point? I assume I would need to pay the cost difference involved, obviously (not looking to cheat the system here). I thought I had a few more options with the Civils than I did. Thanks!


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Year 9 Day 31 18:25

I haven't heard of any ability to change NPC types.


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Year 9 Day 31 20:39
Piico SaNikto

No, you can't do that at the moment. We've discussed it quite a bit in the past, suggesting universities and stuff like that, but nothing came of it in the end.

It is, though, possible to give your regular NPC a custom picture. You just have to submit it and pay the CPs.


Year 9 Day 33 18:18
Can you also pay for custom name and description? How would I go about doing any of that?


There is more to this life than these eyes alone can see...
Year 9 Day 34 3:57
Geno Krall

Can't change the name, but the description and infofields can be changed from the NPC menu on the right >

Year 9 Day 34 5:52
Piico SaNikto

The introfield is very small, but you can put a short description of a few words there.

If you want to campaign for custom names I would sure support you. I've been pushing for that for a long time.