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Archives » a/e success/failure statistics
Year 9 Day 41 9:10
It seems bizarre to me that I've completed hundreds of successful a/e attempts and never(?) failed - Alex McMount who is many levels beneath me in XP seems to be in the same boat - I'm sure we have better stats than most - but doesn't it seem a bit ridiculous that one person can arrest 500 people in a day without tiring? Are we certain that the math determining success/fail is not overly weighted?


Year 9 Day 41 20:06
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Xortyph LoKebo
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Year 9 Day 42 4:36
Riax Tardes

It also matters what resist settings your targets have. Usually you aren't aware of those, since I don't think you ask your enemy how they configured this option.


On a related note, is this feature submitted to tests?

I mean, in the case of A/E, if there is a bug with the equation, a player can't easily notice it. You need to perform a larger number of tests where you know the skills of both the arrester and arrestee.

Year 9 Day 44 9:03
Right, but that's automatic for NPCs - another possible failure is that they're not automatically choosing the "strongest" defence mechanism for NPCs. I don't know, *something* seems wrong, or else the code was written *very* overweighted towards anybody with even basic skills.


Year 9 Day 45 9:15
Jeb`el Ras

I've never failed at an A/E attempt and my general skills are not particular high, my character having a miner/builder skillset.


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Year 9 Day 45 20:12
Eric Jackson

I've succeeded in arrests every time against those with superior skills.



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Year 9 Day 48 12:08
Looking at the arrests, I think part of hte problem might be that the equation multiplies by zero when the skill is zero, rather than multiplying by skill+1 to avoid the issue of multiplying the equation by zero? Is that the case?


Year 9 Day 48 15:42
Xavze Zavan

What is the equation?...I must be blind or its not on the A/E rules page...


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Year 9 Day 55 16:13
Leon Shade

Indeed the equation is unknown to me, care to enlighten me, please?

Year 9 Day 55 20:36

The equations involved are not listed on the rules page. I believe Keir is speculating, perhaps a bit wildly.


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Year 9 Day 56 16:34
Xavze Zavan

hehehe..well thats pretty normal.

..but..how can future speculation be nerfed if we have no #s to analyze?


How would you like to pay income tax EVERY month?