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Year 9 Day 45 23:47
I'm not sure if this a question for admins or general question but I'll ask here anyways.I bought an existing image for my YT-1300 and it has yet to change and took my 100 CP's. It's no big deal really but if anyone gets the time could you look into this for me please.Thanks guys.Also i chose the gold colored YT-1300 in case you need to know.

[General] 1 Year 9 Day 44, 23:33 You have bought a public ships image for shipsID 79975.

Edited By: Michael Morpheus on Year 9 Day 45 23:49
Year 9 Day 46 0:10
If that's the only event you received, then the image will still have to be accepted by a member of the art team. In case it gets rejected, your CPs will be refunded.


Year 9 Day 46 0:13
Ok Thanks Mr. Jano sorry for being a total noob and not reading everything completely.I thought because it was an existing image from the Combines own stuff it would automatically update.Sorry for wasting your time.Thanks for the quick reply.

Year 9 Day 46 1:42
If it's a public custom, you can check whether it updated by clearing your cache or doing a forced refresh (ctrl + r) on your inventory page.