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Archives » another new- getting to some npcs
Demus Nikoli

ok, so i have managed to walk around my race city and can talk to npcs on roads and in the buildings, but i can't manage to get to npcs 'on top' of buildings... this is frustrating as the speeder rental npc is one such npc.... what am i doing wrong?

They shouldn't be on top of buildings. What city are you in?


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Demus Nikoli

i'm in Sriluria of the planet Srilurur in the Crysanda system, outer rim b-3.... there are two npcs depicted on top of a power generator

Leon Shade

They are actually by not on top of the buildings!

Tidus Tia

Leon, don't comment if you have no idea what you were talking about. They were in fact on top of the building, but they've been moved now.