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Year 9 Day 49 11:45
I have waited for over 24 hours and I still haven't got an email.

Year 9 Day 49 12:20
Please check your spam folder, from time to time emails from swcombine.com get moved there. Make sure to put swcombine.com on your whitelist (if possible) to prevent this in the future.

If you cannot find an email there, please try the Lost Password feature on the frontpage. It will either send you a new email containing a new password or tell you the status of your application. If you get an "invalid email" message, it means your account got declined. In that case, feel free to sign up again.


Year 9 Day 49 17:20
I went through all the applications last night, and any that didn't have a handle listed in the multi field were dealt with. If you listed a multi, you'll have to wait for the appropriate individual to come on to deal with that, since it requires a higher access level than I have.

Otherwise, you've got an e-mail that came to you somewhere...


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