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Year 9 Day 64 11:13
Jon Hayes

like it said i can not see my messages i can only see my messages wen i send one to a frand now i know that this is a bug or sum thing please help.

Year 9 Day 64 11:19
1. Post on the bug base if you think it's a bug.

2. Describe your situation carefully and precisely, because nobody can help you if they can't understand what you're trying to say.


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Year 9 Day 64 13:02
Because your under arrest. Read the Bloody Rules!


Year 9 Day 64 13:09
Jon Hayes

this was happening before i got arrested

Year 9 Day 64 13:26
Andhers Jakhim

Take your own advice Rogmi...

They changed that a while back.

Try pressing the Read Messages tab on the DM interface. If the Icon is blinking only new messages will be displayed.

Year 9 Day 65 18:58
Jon Hayes

ya Rogmi what jakhem said

Year 9 Day 66 17:45
Jon Hayes

syn can you please close this foru

Year 9 Day 66 18:05
I doubt she'll close the forum since other people generally like to use it when they need help.


Year 9 Day 66 18:14
Jon Hayes

well i fond out that i can see my messages they reaperd yesterday