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Archives » [Mining] - NPC(s) effect(s)
Year 9 Day 67 12:59
Hjrool Ohr


I was wondering different things:
What the effect of unassigned NPC(s) working in a mine?
  1. 1/ No manager
    2/ No supervisor
    3/ Both

Also, i "heard" if the NPC(s) is(are) owned by someone else than a mining faction, the extraction is somehow poorest. What "credit" may be added to this?

If any of those questions are relevant in any manners, this could be followed by a rules update suggestion.


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Year 9 Day 67 13:20
Thank you Hjrool, for those questions.
I am curious about the answers as well. Hopefully someone with knowledge shows up.


Year 9 Day 67 14:13
this means there is a minimum of 1 Dirt Hauler NPC required to be assigned to a mining facility. These Dirt Hauler NPCs must be owned by the faction that owns the mining facility.

- Rules Pages

Now, I'm not entirely sure what counts as being "assigned" to the mine, but I think it clearly answers the question of NPCs not owned by the mining faction.


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Year 9 Day 67 14:18
Hjrool Ohr

Assigned is certainly "set as working" in the mine [action] menu.
Well, sorry for useless questions, guess i will pay more attention.
I was thinking it would have been stated with the mine requirement.


Year 9 Day 67 14:27
Thanks, Hal. Then we read the rules as
"No manager/supervisor is needed for working dirt hauler NPC."


Year 9 Day 70 14:33
Hexx Harpy

Owner of the mine: any faction of any type
Manager of the mine: a mining faction
Operator of the mine: a member of the mining faction that is manager

Owner of NPCs: the same faction that owns the mine
Manager of NPCs: the mining faction
Supervisor of NPCs: irrelevant


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Year 9 Day 71 6:49
Manager of NPCs: the mining faction

- Hexx Harpy
Hexx, I think that lacks substance. Can you please quote the rules that tell that?


Year 9 Day 71 6:56
Mining, paragraph 9/

If the owner is a Mining faction then there must be a Manager and an Operator(any faction or character).
If the owner is not a Mining faction then the Manager must be a Mining faction and the Operator a member of that faction. 

Hexx summary would be great addition to rules as "Mining for dummies" :)


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Year 9 Day 71 8:03
Locago, it is always nice when people *try* to help out. But you just tried and your comment does not really help.

I asked where Hexx read that working NPC must have an assigned Manager.
All you privided, Locago, is the rules for the mine itself. Not the dirt hauler NPC inside of it.

And for further reference that Hexx might be wrong with his assumption, please have a look at this screen shot from our faction inventory:



Year 9 Day 71 12:00
Xavze Zavan

You are a mining faction that owns the mines and I'd assume the miners...those conditions do not apply to you.

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Year 9 Day 71 13:57
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

Most of our NPCs working mines aren't assigned a manager and I'm certainly not in a mining faction.


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Year 9 Day 71 14:30
Xavze Zavan

meh..I guess that condition does not apply then


How would you like to pay income tax EVERY month?
Year 9 Day 73 13:05
Hjrool Ohr

Well for the mine itself the rules are pretty clear.
Now it seems except that the dirt hauler must be owned by "a mining faction" too and also stated in the rules that would mean it doesn't matter who manage/supervise them (even one).

Now remains this rumor, but since not stated in the rules it's probably just a wrong one.

Thank's everyone for the help in this problem.

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Year 9 Day 73 20:12
Hjrool, since the Rules state the NPC must be owned by the mining faction, the rumour is complete crap, since the mine won't run if the NPCs are owned by someone else.

That was the point of my first post.


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.
Year 9 Day 74 11:29
Hjrool Ohr

Indeed, i shouldn't wrote back (even just for mostly thanks) while i'm tired.
So i guess all of this is sorted.