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Year 9 Day 72 14:08
Hawky Nester

This is a question to the game developers or who might know.

1)Will in addition to NPC needed to piloting Squads of fighters and etc. droids going to be used?Seems logical?

2)Will we be able to activate/deactivate droids from a distance?It means not being in one entity, but on one planet,one space grid,etc.

Just curious,maybe ill get some answer!

Year 9 Day 72 14:17
You will never be able to "remote control" a ship, if that is what you mean. You must always have it NPCd to your own ship or have a PC pilot in it.

At the moment there are no plans to require pilot NPCs or droids for NPCing squads, but naturally all rules changes are announced and all things are liable to be reevaluated regularly, so asking for tentative plans isn't terribly effective.



Year 9 Day 72 14:25
Hawky Nester

No,not *remote control*.I read in the suggestions that eventually an NPC pilot will be needed to NPC a fighter or etc to a ship!Just asked if a deoid could be given similar features in the future.

Year 9 Day 72 15:33

When the details of droid functionality are determined they will be released to the public, if no such details publically exist theres little point asking about them as obviously they're either unknown or not yet intended for public availability.