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Archives » My speed is stuck on a facility
Spazr Nar

My rented speeder got stuck on a facility and i had to abandon it. I then discoverd that i cant rent another one. I am suppose to get to a fraction transport,but the guy that gets me to orbit is no help because a "NPC" transport is not waitnig.

The contact for my fraction said to go to the "Starport". Is this the same as the Welcome Center?

Any way, it looks like i have 4 or 5 hours of walking to do.

My speeders location is:

Sector: Bothan Space
Galactic Position: Both (267, -140)
Planet Position: Bothawui (6, 8)
City Position: Arua'Starn (10, 4)
Ground Position: (9, 3)

Could you please move it to Ground Postion (8,4)

IF you cant, how do i kill this character and start over?



Year 9 Day 99 11:55
YOu can't kill your character to start over, unless you legitimately die. The only real way to kill *yourself* is to fly into a sun, and that requires a ship.

The starport is likely the largest facility in the city.


Year 9 Day 99 19:57
Spazr Nar

The only large building is a "Welcome Center". The faction i joined is going to take 10 days to get here. I guess i can walk around in circles and earn xp. Can't even buy a gun to try and mug someone!



Year 9 Day 100 0:26
E-mail Khan (@swcombine.com, obviously) and ask him to move the speeder. He's usually good about fixing these, but I'm not sure how often he gets to check this part of the forum.


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