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Archives » Items and Weapons and Armors
Year 6 Day 224 20:56
Sophie Nicole Croi

Ok, I know we can't combat, but we can still make or buy them right. Ok and if we can where do we buy them.

Year 6 Day 224 22:38
no, items are not available yet since there is no production of items yet.


Year 6 Day 225 19:41
Sophie Nicole Croi

do you Know when we will be able to have them?

Year 6 Day 226 3:24
not really.
when rulesteam and programmers finally get enough time to finish the programming and rules for it. Basic items will come first, like clothes, armors and stuff.


Year 6 Day 226 7:07
Cam Antilles

Some items will be NPC purchaseable, and most likely you'll see those come out this summer if I can find a programmer *cough*khan*cough* who would be willing to make an NPC merchant.


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Year 6 Day 232 17:00
Sophie Nicole Croi

CAn we still make our own weapons and Items?

Year 6 Day 232 22:44
at the moment you can´t do any weapons or items at all.
In the future you might be able to do some items on your own. If you have the needed materials for it ofcourse. But when, and even if, it will be possible is hard to say.

first we will have basic items, that anyone can buy from NPCs which shouldn´t take that long for us to get.

After that there is production of items and then finally maybe R&D and creation on your own