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Year 9 Day 103 13:41
Xortyph LoKebo

I read this in the "Sim News": "Fixed a bug preventing the emptying of cargo containers. (Bug ID 8977)"

I have some crates of items that I have not emptied since reading reports of items disappearing when crates were opened.

Is it safe now to open these crates?

The reason I ask is because this is what I see when I view contents:
Weight Capacity: -0.175 / 0.0250
Volume Capacity: -16 / 4.0000

Negative #'s wrer an issue, I think.

Edited By: Xortyph LoKebo on Year 9 Day 103 14:24

Only the dead know the end of war.
Year 9 Day 104 3:08
Yeh, you shouldn't find any items disappearing now.

The negative values there are just an artefact of the weight/vol of items changing and the calculated weight/vol capacity of cargo containers not being updated to match (in short: it's just an interface issue).


Kids these days!
Year 9 Day 104 12:31
Xortyph LoKebo

Thanx Khan.


Only the dead know the end of war.
Year 9 Day 104 13:29
Rav Isaar

Will the crates that had vanished be returned?

Cause mine is still gone :(

Year 9 Day 106 20:00
The items are probably just in an invalid state Rav. If you can get me the ID of the room where they were emptied and some information on the crates I'll take a look. Probably best to file a bug on it, I don't check these forms very regularly.


Kids these days!
Year 9 Day 109 14:46
Xortyph LoKebo

As an aside;
Do emptied crates always disappear when emptied, or can they be re-used to store things in?


Only the dead know the end of war.
Year 9 Day 109 17:18
They can't be re-used.