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Archives » Custom NPC locked, no way to retrieve.
Skritt Zavv

Hello, almost a year ago my NPC was captured in a hostile takeover on a planet I can't remember the name of. We were warned, and I could get off the planet in time but I had to leave my NPC behind. It is now under arrest and been so for a year now. It's in some Welcome Center. I have sent someone to pick it up for me as I was told you can just go to the welcome center and then release your NPC. This person can't retrieve my NPC though, because the building it is in, has reached maximum capacity and therefore cannot enter to take my NPC out. The building is NPC owned so there is no way to contact the owner to do something about it.

Location of my NPC:
Passenger In Facility: Civic Centre H'nemthe Welcome Centre (ID: 8201)
Room: Starting Room Starting Room (ID: 150263)

Was I misinformed? Can someone please tell me how to retrieve my NPC?

If your NPC is arrested, there's nothing you can do with it, anyway. You'd have to contact the faction who arrested it to get it released.

The problem with full NPC facilities is one that has a fix on the To Do list.


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If there is a legitimate need to enter a full NPC-owned building, the assistants can be of help. It's probably a good idea to wait until you have a plan to get it unarrested before asking for their help, though.


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Skritt Zavv

I was told that when your NPC get's arrested, you just have to go to the place where it is then take it with you (as in: that will unarrest it).
It's been so long ago, I can't remember which faction it was that put my NPC under arrest. How can I tell which faction it was, so I can contact them?

Skritt Zavv

Right, so I'm trying to remember which faction arrested my NPC, but it's so long ago...
I was part of the Invisible Army really long ago, when suddenly red alert was raised and everybody had the get the f out of there (out of the main planet, temperate breathable atmosphere; had the same name as the system is all that I remember). The faction that "invaded" us if I remember correctly has arrested my NPC. How it ended up in the Welcome center on H'nemthe, or why it was arrested, or what the proceedures of freeing an arrested custom NPC are... I don't know. I have looked up the Combine rules for NPCs, for Arrest/Execute, and Life and Death. I've tried looking around and asking a few people I work for if they know how, but they all direct me to the forums.

I've been in de combine for almost 2,5 years now, but I still feel like a n00b. Can someone please tell me what the proceedures are to retrieve an NPC? If I need to contact the faction / person that arrested my NPC, where can I look up the name? I can't remember who / what it was, so any help us really useful.

Maybe someone remembers the Invisible Army, and who assaulted their home planet.

PS: Invisible Amy dissolved 2 days ago due to 9 months inactivity.

Skritt Zavv

I remember the planet where my NPC was arrested on. It's planet Elom in the Elom system. Currently the ruling government there is SDF, but I don't know if they are the ones that arrested my NPC. I have contacted Jesfa Ackmin (SDF leader) for more details about Elom.

Anyone else that can remember things that happened on Elom before SDF took control, but AFTER Invisible Army lost their control?

Skritt Zavv

I have found out (through record recovery) who arrested my NPC

Y 7 D 358, 09:46:50
Your NPC Karen Omnicron has been arrested by Greg Black-Granger.

Now the problem is that I have tried to contact this person, but I suspect he is inactive. How am I able to retrieve my NPC now? Phryss said I had to wait with assisants-help until I had a plan to get my NPC unarrested. Since that's not gonna happen, what's next?

It's not fair if someone walks in, arrests my NPC for NO reason, then goes AFK... Thanks a lot ¬_¬

Can anyone PLEASE help?!

It's perfectly fair. You should have kept your NPC where it wasn't interfering with someone's territory.

If you can't contact Black-Granger directly... well, he would have needed to be working for a faction in order to arrest someone. Maybe you should find out which faction?


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Only fools and children dream of heroes.
Skritt Zavv

From an annonymous source I have heard he is currently working for the New Imperial Order, but has previously worked for Galactic Empire.

Do I just walk up to them and ask them to release my NPC? How do I settle this without upsetting anyone etc?

And Hal, you're probably right, but Elom was IA's territory until it was raided, I didn't have time to rescue my NPC, it was either my NPC gone, or both of us dead...

I just want to get it back since nobody has bothered to kill it or anything. I just wanna try to get that speechtree function to work, see if I can make my NPC a navigator to remember system coords for me and stuff.

If it were me, I'd politely contact both groups (try to find some mid-level management guy, rather than the leader) and ask them if they were arresting people on the planet in question around the time of the incident. Explain that you have a personal employee that is under arrest, that you would like to have released if at all possible. Then be prepared to wait until they have someone nearby, if they're prepared to release the NPC at all. That's pretty much all I had to do last time I had a NPC arrested by the GE. I don't think it took them more than about a week to release it.

Why is it so hard for people to grasp the basics of simple diplomacy in this game?

Oh, and when (if) they agree to release the NPC, THEN you contact the Admin, asking to have the NPC kicked out of the facility, so that the releasing person can get to it. Then you can go pick it up.


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.
Skritt Zavv

I know how to handle diplomacy, it's just that GE and NIO are kind of the "big guns" in this game, and I don't wanna mess with them for something like this.

I don't know who to contact as a mid-manager in GE, so I kindly messaged the GE leader, stating that if he doesn't know, doesn't wanna do it, or doesn't have time for it, he could direct me to someone who has more time on their hands for these matters.

On the assistance matter, I was aware that I should wait with getting my NPC kicked out of the building until I had my NPC un-arrested, like Phryss stated.

I would like to thank all of those who have contributed to help me get my NPC back, including the annonymous source that directed me to GE and NIO. I will keep you updated on further issues, and hopefully the release of my NPC.

Vodo tends to take an all-IC approach to Combine messages, so expect to be told to "-off". I'm not really sure who you'd contact in GE, most likely Wulf or Goth. They're the only ones I actually know anymore. =/

NIO are much nicer people and you could probably contact Cherokee directly to have your problem addressed, if that's the route you wanted to go. ;)

Skritt Zavv

Seeing this incident dates back 1,5 years ago, I think it's most likely if my NPC is in custody of GE, rather than NIO. However, I don't have really good connections with people, so I would kindly like to ask you to give full handles instead of first names, so I can contact them ASAP.

About Vodo, I don't think my message was completely IC, so I'll probably miss out there. I would like to contact someone lower in the chain of command though, so if you could give me the full handles of those two persons in GE, I would greatly appreciate.


Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

A quick browse across their website gives you a dozen names of people you can contact instead of the leader, including the two named above.


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Skritt Zavv

After 1 or 2 messages with Wulf, I got this.

Year 9 Day 143, 7:15 : Message from Kiger Wulf
It's not about price. She was found breaking the law, and was punished accordingly. She will not be released.

So I guess this is it, right... Nothing else I can do to get it back, 250k credits out the window :(