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Year 9 Day 138 13:43
Rege Vege

I have a question, what are the prerequisites to being a famous person of your race?(http://rules.swcombine.com/?Races&ID=62) I believe I am rather famous, perhaps more well known than any other Zeltron in the galaxy. Just recently I was involved in these two GNS(s):
AHI announces new construction; releases statement on DarkLight Group.
Posted by: Victor Arkhan - Faction: Arkhan Heavy Industries
Date: Year 9 Day 136

Lies and Heresy
Posted by: Hal Breden - Faction: Alissma
Date: Year 9 Day 131

And I have roughly a bounty of four million credits. I believe that by anyone's standards I am famous as of this point in history.

Year 9 Day 138 13:51
The list is based upon XP and joining date. It has nothing to do with actual ingame popularity.


Year 9 Day 138 14:00
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

Experience and asset value.


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Year 9 Day 138 14:15
Neth Dharek

I was told the list includes the 5 oldest characters of the race and the 5 with most XP.

Year 9 Day 138 14:28
Skritt Zavv

Yeh, I was kind of wondering why the hell I was a famous Geonosian... I've done nothing significant... on the other hand, I believe only 44 people play Geonosian, probably less active than me.

Year 9 Day 138 14:43
Is it by XP and joining date? I thought it was just by level.


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Year 9 Day 138 15:16
Cesodevo Avina

It indeed is the 5 with the most XP, and the 5 oldest players.

Provided they are active.

If one person belongs to both 5 most XP and 5 oldest players (Fastest example that comes to mind is Syn), then another, 6th, person becomes a planetary celebrity.


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Year 9 Day 138 15:36
Rege Vege

I guess that means I can't be famous. Well at least I know how the famous rules work now.

Year 9 Day 138 16:03
Neth Dharek

Hardly, Rege. Since there are only 29 Zeltron, most of them probably inactive, you should become famous if you get to an XP level high enough. A very rough estimate would be, say between level 6 and 10, or above.

Just keep checking every few months.

Year 9 Day 138 18:00
Aye, damn Alderaanians filled with vets. =/

Something I've always wondered, is the "oldest" part based on oldest *characters* or oldest *accounts*?

Year 9 Day 138 23:55
When the hell is this going to be added to the rules page....Third some time I've seen this question and it's not exactly obvious.


Year 9 Day 139 0:54
Oldest accounts, Mikel. As in combine join date. I liked it more when it was ranked!

Although now Thraken is out the picture I think I'm the highest Noghri...


Year 9 Day 139 8:10
In that case, there's some old-ass Alderaanians to be able to beat me. =/

Year 9 Day 139 10:12
Cesodevo Avina

You sure it's accounts, Ezekiel? Because that sounds a lot like a tear between the IC/OOC dimensions.

I always assumed it was characters.


Time to go to war with the Flame Tigers!
Year 9 Day 139 13:38
Rav Isaar

Im not sure, since I had this character before Kachyu and Altomac yet I missed out on 6 months of getting XP.

Year 9 Day 140 22:40
Ku`Bakai Roche

Remember Fame carries a danger too, because folks know your out there.