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Year 9 Day 143 10:05
Gideon Stargazer

Sorry to have to ask because I know it is written but I have found out the hard way several times now that what is written in the Combine is not always accurate.

As long as I am on my Y-Head Capital ship it does not matter where I am or who is on it (even Bounty Hunters) I can not be arrested?

I ask because I have been allowing trade pick-ups from my hanger bay and I want to be 100% sure I don't get shanghighed.



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Year 9 Day 143 10:23
Jaggo Bral

You are only save from arrest if the cap is owned by a government faction. That government and the bounty hunter factions it gave a/e privs to (if any) can still arrest, though.


Year 9 Day 143 10:34
Gideon Stargazer

Phew, thanks Mr. Bral, I am glad I asked. Practice canceled, I owe you one.

Thank you,


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Year 9 Day 143 11:32
Cesodevo Avina

You can always retreat into a docked vehicle while allowing others to board your ship.


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Year 9 Day 143 23:36
That though did occur to me also Cesodevo, maybe keep a Koro onboard.


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Year 9 Day 144 7:24
Gideon Stargazer

Good idea. Thanks.


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Year 9 Day 144 14:52
If your ship has a docking bay, my preferred method would be to kick a smaller ship out, with the items on board, and just add people to the crewlist of that. Then dock it again once you've scanned to confirm they've left. But maybe that's just me.

If you simply enter a vehicle in your ship, you're effectively trapped if they decide not to leave in a timely manner.

Nevermind, just saw it was a Y-head.


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Year 9 Day 144 18:02
Not everyone can be online 24/7, though.. If you are in a vehicle and tired of waiting, find out log in times of people who are onboard, and when you're sure they're offline, go to cockpit, start hyper and return to vehicle.

Of course, you hyper to friendly territory and before you get there, you contact local government and they assemble a strike team to board your ship after you transfer it to them to arrest people onboard.

And, yea, I know I sound megalomanic and all, but I guess that's what I'd do.


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Year 9 Day 146 10:15
Ganio Lank

My tip is is NEVER let anyone board your ship, EVER. If they want something drop it off on a planet and tell them where it is...